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I launched this site over a year ago on August 1, 2001 because I'm just a big Ariel fan. It was always hard for me to find good sites about our favorite Little Mermaid so I created my own.
Why do I love Ariel so much? Well, for one thing she's bright, witty, cheerful and always full of joy so if you're sad or depressed, or just lonely, you can come here and CHEER UP !
I would like to dedicate LittleAriel.com to my Little Sister Monika,
a REAL Little Mermaid!

Stay for a while and have a look around. New things are constantly being added, and for a more detailed look at exactly what, go to the "News" link above and click on "Site News".
Thanks for coming around and I hope you'll enjoy staying for a while... and do come back often.
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