Well hello again
2005 was a turbulant year for me personally. I wanted to work on the site, and keep it at least a little bit updated, unfortunately, due to my job and other side things, I simply did not have the time
Visitors continued to pour in. Someone latched on to a large movie file and put it on their site which drained a lot of resources and I ran out of bandwidth halfway through every month so far this year. I've had to delete these files so everyone that visits here will NOT see that ugly notice: "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded". Starting May 1 2006, there should be no more bandwidth issues.
One of the most important aspects to me here on the site is the Guestbook. I receive sOOO many entries and for a long time I faithfully published them all with replies too. This year and the latter part of last year I have not been able to keep up with them, but don't lose hope, I have all the emails and will start from where I left off just as soon as I'm able.
Anyway, I'm just glad LittleAriel.com has touched so many of you in a positive way as evidenced by the many feedback comments Ariel and I have received Thank you all!!

Have a GREAT Ariel day!!