Though the last few years have been a whirlwind of activity for The Little Mermaid, the big event this  year is that she turns 21!! But I don't think she'll be brewing up a batch of seaweed sake any time soon I do think it's possible that we'll eventually see another installment of TLM. Keep your fins crossed.
As for LittleAriel.com, I'd like to again thank Michelle at The-Little-Mermaid.com for graciously continuing to host this site, which keeps on getting great traffic despite the fact that I haven't had much opportunity to update it recently
Last year I finally got Little Mermaid Ring back! The folks at WebRing revamped their system so for a couple years, LMR did not have a manager, and now I'm really happy to be back again
Even though there hasn't been much in the way of TLM going on lately, remember, any time you need to find out what IS going on in her world, there's always LittleAriel Forum where you'll find all sorts of like minded mer-folk, so swim by and see what's going on there
Finally, next year LittleAriel.com celebrates her 10th year on-line. That's just AWESOME I'd like to personally thank everyone for visiting here for all these years, and sharing all your Little Mermaid adventures with me Stop by again any time and...

Have a GREAT Ariel day!!