Little Ariel is TEN!!

Believe it or not, she's really ten... well, okay, the SITE is ten One full decade of LittleAriel and it's been one great year after another! so where do you go from up? How about ANOTHER ten years
One thing's for sure, I'll be here, always. (Artwork above courtesy of FERNL at DeviantArt)

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Michelle of The-Little-Mermaid.com for having graciously hosted LittleAriel.com for the last several years. She offered to help after my previous hosting service complained of the bandwidth usage taken up by us here, due to the unexpected popularity of LittleAriel.com. The large ammount of traffic generated by this site eventually created strain on even her servers. Finally, I have found a web host ( BlueHost.com ) that's not only affordable, but allows for basically unlimited bandwidth. $6.95 a month is a small price to pay for LittleAriel, don't you think

Have a GREAT Ariel day!!