It's 2017 and the last 5 years have passed so quickly, it was like a blink of an eye. Along the way, I've been so busy with life that I haven't had a chance to update this site. My appologies for that. So many of the outside links here are no longer active, and I really do miss updating LittleAriel.com.
With that said, I will once again make an effort to update/fix non working links and find new places to visit
A little history here, along the way, during the last 5 years, my computer crashed and I lost the ability to update the LittleAriel pages. I only just regained that ability. Then, the site disappeared, as my registrar did not get paid so they shut off the site. Luckily, I caught this in time and got it restored. Even if I don't ever update the site, I will always make sure it stays alive as an archive for some history of The Little Mermaid, and especially Ariel.
So here we are, back together again, and guess what, LittleAriel.com is SWEET 16!! I believe that was her age in the original 1989 film
Don't forget to visit LittleAriel Forum So swim by and see what's going on there
The gorgeous Ariel you see here in the background is courtesy of Ally who is Wonderland314 at DeviantArt.com. Thanks Ally
Keep an eye on the site, and hopefully there will be many more updates to come!
Have a GREAT Ariel day!!