Little Mermaid Icons
I've never found any real Ariel icons anywhere so I decided to make my own. Hope you like them as much as I do and keep checking back as I'll be adding to them soon.
You can save to your computer and use them to replace your desktop shortcuts, "My Computer", "My Documents", "Recycle Bin" etc, etc... Here's how:
To start with, the below images are NOT the icons.. many browsers won't initially display the .ico file format so to force the actual icon to come up, begin by first clicking on one of the images below. A new window will open and load the icon into it. Right click the icon in the new window and "Save As". Make sure you add the .ico extension at the end of the file name, then select the folder where you want to save the icon to.

Now that you've saved the icon to your computer, you can start using them. Simply right click on an existing "shorcut icon" such as a folder that you'd like to replace with Ariel, click Properties / Change Icon / Browse, and then locate the Ariel Icon which will be in the folder you saved her to.
For actual "Desktop Icons" click any blank area on the Desktop then click "Properties / Effects", highlight the icon you want to change by clicking on it, click "Change Icon" then "Browse", find Ariel in whatever folder you put her in, click "OK", "Apply" then "OK" again, and that's it. Enjoy
Please.. if you'd like to use these images in forums,
please don't link to them directly,
just copy them to your own location. Thanks.


Explore Your Web...
and have a GREAT Ariel day!!