Little Mermaid Places to Visit

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Here's a great Little Mermaid page:

This is a VERY large page and may take a while to fully load. Lots of pics, cast info, project info, history of the music and other bits. Be aware that there are some popups. Still, very worth checking out if you haven't seen it before as it includes about everything you'd want to know about the 1989 feature film we all love.

Here's another great Little Mermaid page:

This is a page by "Belle & Meg's Garden" dedicated to Ariel. Nicely done and lots of pics. I think I noted this page before but can't seem to find where so here it is for sure.

Kingdom Hearts Little Mermaid Screenshots:
Character model: Ariel
Character Model Ariel, Sebastian and Ursala
Character Model Sebastian
"Look Into My Eyes"
"Hey, She's Cute"
"Hey, Gook Lookin'"
These are from and Oh, and here's a nice screenshot of Alice You'll get a popup ad too on this one.

If you haven't checked out the Ariel Icons on the News page yet:

Please do. These Icons are pretty neat. I updated the instructions on how to save them to your computer and you can use these to replace some of your existing icons.

Great scan of Ariel on Disney's Early Summer 2002 Catalog:

this from Christopher's Little Mermaid Fan Site. Great job on that scan, worth the loading time, might even make a GREAT wallpaper!!

Nice collection of Coloring Pages:

When you print these out they look great! Other characters at the site too so check it out.

Just got back from checking out this GREAT Ariel page:

It's from Chrissy's (~-.-~-| MyDisneyArtwork |-~-.-~) Site, so check out all her other Princess artwork too! Nice site Chrissy

Here's a really complete Gallery of Little Mermaid II pics:

It's from a Dratini and Omanyte Little Mermaid II Site.
Check out the whole site here.

Disney artist Ron Dias Ariel artworks:

Here are three great pages from his site which contain some very well done Little Mermaid pieces. Check out the whole site while you're there. Great job Ron!!

Here's a great Message Board:
It's from You might just get lucky and find a few threads about Ariel!!

Lilo and Stitch movie trailer with Ariel:
you can download the file in various file types and sizes and watch this original animation on your computer!

The Little Mermaid Story Book:
Read the entire story online at Disney.go... nicely done.

Explore Your Web...
and have a GREAT Ariel day!!

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