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This entry added:  19 / April / 2012  11:00 PM Pacific Time.

This entry added:  12 / November / 2011   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
It will be a while, but...  The Little Mermaid will be re-released in 3D September 13, 2013!! Thanks go to Gracie for the heads up Here's the news:

This entry added:  11 / October / 2011  3:00 PM Pacific Time.
There's a new doll in town  She's the Disney Animator's Collection Ariel. Part of a new set of dolls which are availabe at the Disney Store and include all the Disney Princesses. These are all wonderful looking dolls and seem to stem from the success of last year's Tangled Toddler which sold out in one month just before Christmas at the Disney Store.

This entry added:  27 / June / 2011   1:00 PM Pacific Time.
If you can afford the $199:  The price on this Ariel statue may just well be worth it! She's a stunner
She weighs a nice solid five pounds and stands 10 inches high. Have a look at these images and decide for your self and you can visit the Side Show Collictibles page to pre-order. She's the third installment of the Electric Tiki Design's line dedicated to animations leading ladies and will be available sometime before Christmas.

This entry added:  4 / June / 2011   11:00 PM Pacific Time.
Well, here it is:  The complete Ariel's Undersea Adventure which opened just yesterday at Disney's California Adventure. The best looking Ariel is on the boat with Eric, so watch for that

This entry added:  8 / May / 2011   1:00 PM Pacific Time.
There's a new ride in town, and she's coming soon... 
Ariel's Undersea Adventure opens June 3, 2011 at Disney's California Adventure. Thanks to
Elmer's Little Mermaid Blog for providing constant updates on this exciting new Ariel adventure!

Check out the progress on this ride with the links below:

This entry added:  10 / April / 2011   1:00 AM Pacific Time.
Believe it or not, here's yet another Ariel doll:  This time it's a wedding doll, available at the Disney Store.

This entry added:  10 / April / 2011   1:00 AM Pacific Time.
And now there is yet ANOTHER Ariel doll available:  This is a Robert Tonner creation. The same designer who created the Magic Attic dolls and so many others. Limited to only 1000, she's a little pricey, and maybe it's just me, but doesn't it seem like there's just something not quite right about the eyes? Either way, I'm pretty sure she won't last very long. Click the pic below to check out this new addition to the world that is all Ariel's.
Disclaimer :  I am not affiliated with this item in any way.

This entry added:  27 / March / 2011   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
There's a new Ariel doll available:  Bath Time Fun Ariel. She has an amazing 15" of hair on a 12" body! You can find her at the Online Disney Store

This entry added:  15 / March / 2011   9:00 PM Pacific Time.
Now there's a running shoe named Ariel...  Note the interesting little green tail logos, hmmm, coincidence? A little pricey, perhaps, but if you can't swim, you could probably run pretty fast in these

This entry added:  7 / November / 2010   3:00 PM Pacific Time.
New 15 inch Ariel doll  available at Walmart (Correction, as I believe this doll was available at Costco instead, unfortunately, she's long gone by now (3/27/11). Very similar to the Playmates version. Nice quality!

This entry added:  6 / November / 2010   5:00 PM Pacific Time.
New book about The Little Mermaid  Includes on Broadway and a detailed history all the way back to the begining available at Amazon. Click the image below to go there

This entry added:  12 / October / 2008   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
The Little Mermaid on Broadway  is scheduled all the way through April 30th 2009! If you're lucky and live in New York or close by, you have plenty of time to catch this wonderful wave...
Click Here to Buy Little Mermaid Tickets at Lunt-Fontanne Theatre

This entry added:  7 / September / 2008   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
Mermaids at the Puyallup Fair  in the Hobby Hall. Great looking display. Don't live in Western Washington? Well then, come on over
Click on the pics below for larger images:
This entry added:  28 / August / 2008   6:00 PM Pacific Time.
At long last TLM3 has arrived, and she was well worth the wait!  Available in stores 2 days ago, make sure you get your own copy to watch as much as you want. The animation was extremely well done, the story was great, and Ariel was as Ariel should be, stunning. Have a GREAT TLM3 day!!

This entry added:  17 / January / 2008   7:00 PM Pacific Time.
It's official  TLM3 is coming very soon and has a Site You Can Check Out. As expected, this will be a "prequel"

This entry added:  12 / August / 2007   5:00 PM Pacific Time.
I have been so absent from my beloved site  for which all I can do is appologize. I really want to spend time updating and creating, but unfortunately, but at the same time fortunately I'm working with a band creating some REALLY great music. That's basically where I've been all this time. More to come on that as it develops. Anyway, recently, LittleAriel.com went off the air so to speak, as I exceeded bandwidth limits at the previous host which then kicked me off the server. Luckily, I got a most generous and timely offer from Michelle of
The-Little-Mermaid.com to host LittleAriel and so the process began and now, thanks to Michelle, we're up and running again

This entry added:  7 / March / 2006   7:00 PM Pacific Time.
Hello all  I know I've been a bit absent. LittleAriel.com's hosting service went out of business, so had to switch webhosts. Was at Elixant and now am at Cirtex.com which seems to be a reliable host. Affordable and with much more allowable bandwidth so LittleAriel.com should not disappear again I'm not completely gone, and I LOVE my site. I hope to start keeping it current again real soon. I receive many Guestbook entries every day and unfortunately have not had the time lately to update the page, but I still have them all and will eventually get there again. Till next time, have a GREAT Ariel day!!

This entry added:  30 / December / 2006   9:00 AM Pacific Time.
Here's a little more news about the upcoming TLM3...

This entry added:  31 / October / 2006   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
An Ariel Standee  This over five foot tall Ariel is a stunner. Click on the pic to visit her, and make her part of YOUR world

This entry added:  29 / October / 2006   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
Mermaids at Toys R Us  and if you haven't been there yet, you better hurry because it'll be a LONG time before we ever see that much TLM merchandise again. The display area is impressive and I just had to take a few pictures to share while it was still there. Oh, and if you're thinking about asking for the cardboard display, don't bother, they have to distroy it so it won't end up on eBay, according to the manager at my local store... sad

This entry added:  29 / October / 2006   7:00 AM Pacific Time.
New TLM game   This one is for the DS

This entry added:  5 / October / 2006   6:00 PM Pacific Time.
Here's a quick sneak peek at  The Little Mermaid III

This entry added:  23 / September / 2006   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
Mermaids at McDonalds  Lots of Ariels to choose from...
get 'em all. Just click the pic below and visit the Ariel Happy Meal site where you can have a look at the different Ariels

This entry added:  19 / August / 2006   5:00 PM Pacific Time.
Remember the Princess Cereal?   well this is one better than that!! It's Ariel all over the Corn Flakes box: front, back, sides, everything It's a very big box and you should be able to find her in nearly every grocery store, but hurry... she's a limited edition.
There's also an Offer for a Nice Ariel blanket ($6.99) so don't miss out

This entry added:  9 / July / 2006   1:00 AM Pacific Time.
Two new entries from KB Toys  Little Mermaid Dominoes, and The Little Mermaid Checkers and Tic-Tac-Toe. Click below to check them out


This entry added:  10 / June / 2006   5:00 PM Pacific Time.
Found this Ariel sprinkler at Target  on sale for just under $9, a must have for any TLM collection

This entry added:  10 / June / 2006   5:00 PM Pacific Time.
Princess Cereal?   on the side of the box you'll find a nice looking Ariel bookmark. This strawberry cereal is VERY sweet, so watch your teeth Really, Ariel should have been on the front, right? This one I found at Walmart for $2.50

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