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This entry added:  7 / July / 2003   5:00 PM Pacific Time.
Two Ariel itmes at Walmart 
Both are available now for under $16 and they were displayed in the same location, so if you have a Walmart nearby, don't miss these. The first one is a really nicely done Teapot which I bought and took a picture of so you could see it:

Then there's the Snowglobe  which is really nice and plays "Under The Sea" :

This entry added:  3 / July / 2003   8:00 AM Pacific Time.
Buddy Hackett and Scuttle have passed on:

You can read all about his illustrious career on this CNN page.

This entry added:  18 / June / 2003   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
Thanks to all of you who responded favorably  to the idea of creating a sort of "Prequel" to The Little Mermaid, and that was EVERYONE.
I'm planning to attempt promoting the idea and we'll see how it goes
By the way, check out the Wallpaper page for some really AWESOME additions!

This entry added:  30 / May / 2003   10:00 PM Pacific Time.
I've been wondering about the possibility of a TLM3  and recently I've received two very interesting emails from a couple of Ariel fans.
Ariel ( yes, that's her name ) writes:
"It's not possible to come out with TLM3 but it IS possible to covince Disney to create a little mermaid prolouge. Like a movie that takes place when Ariel is little and her mother was around to keep things sharp. Pure, sweet, and a great storyline (if anyone could think of one). Can you see? This can all be accomplished, by tons of fans, an artist, and someone who knows how to contact disney. It may be the one key to see Ariel in a movie one last time.
What I wanted you to do was to try and gather as many fans as possible for this project. They might think I'm crazy, but it's crazy enough to possibly work, if it doesn't, we can still demand a good copy of one of the little mermaid episodes. So please....help me on this, as said...It' might be crazy enough to work..."

Also, "Agent X505" writes:
"I'm not sure if you have an idea of this or not, but have you got an idea about the backstory to the movie? I know that Ursala once was the owner of the tridant that Triton uses, and that she was beaten out by Triton as a young man; but beyond that I'm not sure. Any thoughts?"

Now, both of these have a common thread, and that is, how did Ariel come to be? What did she go through before the time of the first Little Mermaid movie?
Well, a lot was covered on the Little Mermaid television series, but mostly it was all confined to a time period of about a year or two or so... now, there was one episode where we got to see how she met flounder and she looked completely different from the way we're used to seeing her. You can find that episode in "Ariel's Undersea Adventures Volume 4". It's entitled "In Harmony" and is one of the best if not THE best animated Little Mermaid adventure.
Ariel ( the fan ) is right about one thing and that is, TLM has pretty much run it's course and it's doubtful that further adventures with Melody will come out in movie format, but....
what about the "back story" as mentioned by Agent X505? Now THAT would make a pretty excellent feature if it was well written and dreamed up. It may be our only chance to get another Little Mermaid Feature Film from Disney.
So what do you think? It might just work.. it worked on Star Trek.. they did a third season because of fan support. Are there enough Ariel fanatics and Little Mermaid devotees out there to pull this off?
Let Me Know?

This entry added:  23 / May / 2003   3:00 PM Pacific Time.
For Ariel Pin collectors,  here are a few recent entries from Japan which you should be able to find on eBay in case you don't live in Japan:

This entry added:  8 / May / 2003   10:00 PM Pacific Time.
I think this qualifies as news:   First of all, this site wasn't working right all day, MY FAULT! I accidently uploaded index.html which was a Pop Dreamers page and the WWW defaults to .html. Since I use .htm, it went with .html instead.
Okay, that's corrected. Luckily I caught it or I might not have noticed for a while. Sorry about that for those who were greeted by a nearly blank page.
And speaking of Pop Dreamers, here's the news... a new category at LittleAriel Yes there is now a Games page which you can get to through the Gallery page. Sometimes it seems like there isn't much new here, but believe me, I'm always adding. So enjoy the category!!

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