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This entry added:  1 / August / 2003   4:00 PM Pacific Time.
A new Ariel book pop-up book  This one I found at Safeway:
There's a flap on each right side which pops up to reveal a girl doing what Ariel does. $4.99
Please note that the images above are not of very good quality due mostly to my camera.
You can click on the images above for a larger view.

This entry added:  30 / July / 2003   5:00 PM Pacific Time.
Hurry over to the "TLM3" link  and click the "TLM3 OUTLINE ( UPDATED )" link.
The TLM3 outline ( first draft ) is complete, thanks to all of you who provided inspiration and ideas. Now all we need to do is refine it a little, fill in a few gaps and we might just have something here

This entry added:  29 / July / 2003   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
From the Tomy Magical Collection  The Wedding Ariel Figurine:
Click the image above and visit their page.

This entry added:  25 / July / 2003   5:00 PM Pacific Time.
Yet another GREAT Ariel item! : 
Walmart has done it again. This is actually a working fountain and it plays "Under The Sea" ( of course ). Retails for about $20... I took this pic of the one I just bought and by the way, the image they put on the package looks faded and does not do this piece justice.

This entry added:  25 / July / 2003   10:00 AM Pacific Time.
Another new Ariel doll...  This one from the Ashton-Drake Galleries
Click the image above to read all about the doll.
Although I'm not too keen on the Ashton-Drake line, it does look like they've captured Ariel very well.
Thanks for passing this along, Simone

This entry added:  24 / July / 2003   9:00 AM Pacific Time.
Here's a note I just received from Velvet: 

Hi again! Just take a peek at this beauty :
New two foot tall Ariel Statue
Thank God I'm going to Walt Disney World in two weeks :D

Thanks for that Velvet. Here are the pics, and she is a beauty!

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