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This entry added:  11 / May / 2004   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
Here's the Ariel entry of a new pin set  The Young Princess set from McDonalds:

Don't really know much about it though, like where to get them... here's a Link To The PinPics Page

This entry added:  29 / April / 2004   1:00 PM Pacific Time.
Now you can design your very own Ariel T-shirt  Just visit the link below and get started. The best part is, not just the selection, but that all sizes are available.

This entry added:  10 / April / 2004   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
This year is the 15th anniversary of The Little Mermaid  and the Disney Store has really pulled out all the stops when it comes to Ariel and TLM items. Their Summer 2004 catalog is chock full of GREAT stuff
Below are some of the highlights and you're gonna love it. Have a GREAT Ariel shopping spree!!
BTW, you can click on the pics below to visit their respective DisneyStore.com page and there are many many more Ariel things than just these below... you can check them all out starting here It's Ariel Heaven!!
Ariel Bedding Collection

Ariel's Sea Flower SerenadeLamp

Ariel Sleeveless Nightshirt

The Little Mermaid 15th Anniversary Snowglobe

Ariel's Treasure Trove Snow Globe

Ariel Wall Clock with Towel Holder

Oh, I almost forgot; here's the Summer Catalog... WOW! Click on it for a larger view.

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and have a GREAT Ariel day!!

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