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This entry added:  16 / March / 2002   10:00 PM Pacific Time.
A new Ariel doll!  This is a large 16" porcelain doll from the Disney's Princess collection and you can check her out on the Characters 'n' Toons website. Seems everyone is looking for this nice looking limited edition doll.
LittleAriel.com awarded the prestigious 2002-2003 Golden Web Award !! 
I've proudly displayed it on the Index/Home page. This award is given out for Website design excellence, originality and content by the "International Association of Web Masters and Designers" ( I.A.W.M.D. ). Many thanks go out to the great folks and members at IAWMD who took the time to review and approve LittleAriel.com for this wonderful award

This entry added:  14 / March / 2002   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
Happy Meal Toys...   A checklist from the McDonald's site can be viewed here. Also, here's a pic of all 100 figurines and here's the story. Good luck finding Ariel, flounder and Sebastian!! I heard on the Arielholics List that Ariel is in "Box C". Not sure what that means though.

This entry added:  10 / March / 2002   3:00 PM Pacific Time.
100 Happy Meal Figurines including Ariel:  Here you can read about what you probably all already know as the new Disney/McDonald's promotion has already started.. Just thought I'd put it here for the record.

This entry added:  1 / March / 2002   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
Another award !!   This one is from Monica's Pooh Page. You can check it out using the "Awards" link on your left.

This entry added:  26 / February / 2002   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
LittleAriel.com is featured site at Disney's Princess Topsites 
Where you can find lots of other Princess Fansites and of course Ariel. Thanks TraceMae for the honor.

This entry added:  21 / February / 2002   1:00 PM Pacific Time.
LittleAriel.com receives it's first award !!!  Yes it's true! All the hard work and effort is paying off. This site is now drawing over 225 visitors per day and increasing. That's a lot of GREAT Ariel days!! Thanks all for helping to make LittleAriel.com a really fun place to visit.

This entry added:  17 / February / 2002   10:00 PM Pacific Time.
LittleAriel.com is now 6 months old (young) as of 4 February 2002!! 
Traffic to the site has increased quite a bit lately, especially in the last two months. In the first two weeks of February alone LittleAriel.com has generated over 1000 unique visitors per week, and is now averaging nearly 250 per day... that's a lot of Ariel fans for sure! Also it's very gratifying to see traffic jump like that since many long hours have been spent here doing updates and improvements, but since it's such a labor of love it was well worth it.
So I'd just like to thank all of you who've enjoyed these pages and especially those loyal followers for coming around, and please do come around again.. and again...and..

This entry added:  17 / February / 2002   12:00 AM Pacific Time.
And now... yet another new Ariel Doll:  This one is called "Flutter Fantasy" Ariel but she won't be out till July 2002 so we'll all just have to wait

This entry added:  13 / February / 2002   10:00 AM Pacific Time.
Update on the "Little Ariel" Doll,  This from Mandie: "Here's a response I got today from Playmates.. Princess Ariel is shipping (or swimming) to the retail stores now. Toys r Us, Target, Wal-mart, K-mart and KB Toys. Regards, Paula Billingsley; Consumer Services; Playmates Toys Inc.

This entry added:  12 / February / 2002   9:00 AM Pacific Time.
There's a new Ariel Doll in town!  This is the Disney Little Princess series just released. It features all the Disney Princesses as toddlers... and here's "Little Ariel" !! Seems like she's the only one on the website so far.

This entry added:  10 / February / 2002   11:00 AM Pacific Time.
Okay, so this news is a little old, but...  in April last year (2001) Disney recalled 54,000 Ariel Dresses from the Disney stores. You can read all about it!
Now if you think that's old,  how about this: Roger Ebert rates The Little Mermaid!! That's from Novemeber 17, 1989. This news page has been kinda quiet lately so just thought I'd liven it up a bit

This entry added:  29 / January / 2002   5:00 PM Pacific Time.
Photos from this year's Arielcon are now available online at Terry Richard's Little Mermaid site. You can go directly to the Arielcon 2002 Page here.

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