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This entry added:  26 / July / 2002   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
Two WONDERFUL web awards for LittleAriel.com   First there's Meg's Super Site Award. This site is owned by Jenie who has a really fantastic Dedicated To Ariel page so plese check it out soon. Takes a while to load but worth the wait! Then there's an award from Pooh's Playland.. a Fantasy Fights Team site. Thank you both for these GREAT awards!! You can see them, and all the other awards for LittleAriel.com on the Awards page.

This entry added:  09 / July / 2002   10:00 PM Pacific Time.
Check below for yet another Ariel Wallpaper.  This one is thanks to Chris who also grabbed the other Ariel Catalog shot.

This entry added:  10 / June / 2002   10:00 PM Pacific Time.
LittleAriel.com has won another award!!  This one is from The Fantasy Fights Team. Just click the Awards link to your left and check it out. Thanks Ruthie for your kind words

This entry added:  29 / May / 2002   4:00 PM Pacific Time.
On a personal note  I finally have an Ariel Production Cel. Many thanks go to Wayne for making this exquisite cel available on eBay and I came within a hair of not getting the winning bid! But now she's all mine FOREVER!! In my opinion this has got to be the most stunning Little Mermaid Cel I've ever seen and that includes just about all the Motion Picture ones too. There simply could not be a more perfect cel. Well, you decide Oh, and by the way, I've made it into a Wallpaper just in case you appreciate this cel as much as I do... see further below.
In the meantime, if you'd like to see all the details, just click on the pics. Enjoy

This entry updated:  24 / May / 2002   5:00 PM Pacific Time.
Ariel Icons!! 

Okay, not exactly Ariel news but since there hasn't really been any lately, I made a few icons which you can save to your computer and then use to replace desktop shortcuts, "My Computer", "My Documents", "Recycle Bin" etc, etc... Here's how:
To start with, the above images are NOT the icons.. many browsers won't initially display the .ico file format so to force the actual icon to come up, begin by first clicking on one of the images above. A new window will open and load the icon into it. Right click the icon in the new window and "Save As". Make sure you add the .ico extension at the end of the file name, then select the folder where you want to save the icons to.
Now that you've saved the icon to your computer, you can start using them. Simply right click on an existing "shorcut icon" such as a folder that you'd like to replace with Ariel, click Properties / Change Icon / Browse, and then locate the Ariel Icon which will be in the folder you saved her to.
For actual "Desktop Icons" click any blank area on the Desktop then click "Properties / Effects", highlight the icon you want to change by clicking on it, click "Change Icon" then "Browse", find Ariel in whatever folder you put her in, click "OK", "Apply" then "OK" again, and that's it. Enjoy
By the way, I'm not sure where I got the first and third Ariel images and if they are yours and you would like me to remove them please let me know right away and I will. I did spend some time figuring out how to make these and when I perfected it I did the very best job possible. I tried to select the best images as well. There are a lot of others I want to make so stay tuned!!

There's some news afterall!   Royal Doulton has just come out with a
Little Mermaid Themed Showcase Collection which you really have to see. From what I understand these are only available in the UK and won't be sold at Disney Theme Parks, Stores or even in the US. This does look like a very nice set!

This entry added:  05 / May / 2002   6:00 PM Pacific Time.
Kingdom Hearts Ariel images  are really nice and can be seen at the following links:
Character model: Ariel
"Look Into My Eyes"
"Hey, She's Cute"
"Hey, Gook Lookin'"
Kingdom Hearts is the new PS2 Video Game and a list of new images added can be seen at this ign.com page.   www.ign.com is a a games news and reviews site.

This entry added:  02 / May / 2002   10:00 PM Pacific Time.
More Ariel / TLM Wallpapers...  I think I'll set aside a page just for all the Wallpapers


Click on the thumbnail(s) above, allow the image to finish loading, right-click on it and select "set as wallpaper" (You can then 'regular-click' the image to close it) These are 800 x 600.

This entry added:  30 / April / 2002   9:00 PM Pacific Time.
Not too much news recently about Ariel...  but if you know of any, please click the LittleAriel logo (upper left corner) and send me off a quick note. I'll be happy to post it

This entry added:  16 / April / 2002   10:00 PM Pacific Time.
Another Award for LittleAriel.com ! 
This one is from Ron & Marie's Disney Web Page & Trivia. If you'd like a look, just click on the "Awards" link to the left. LittleAriel is very grateful for this wonderful award

This entry added:  6 / April / 2002   1:00 PM Pacific Time.
It's really a sad weekend.  McDonald's 100 year celebration figures promotion is over. No more chance to get Flounder or Sebastian. I suppose there's always eBay where Ariel is going for nearly $10 plus postage and Snow White goes for over $20. Yes, it's a sad weekend, so of course even I had to visit LittleAriel.com to cheer up Have a GREAT Ariel day!!!

This entry added:  26 / March / 2002   6:00 PM Pacific Time.
LittleAriel.com Wallpaper!  Just click on the thumbnail below, allow the image to finish loading, right-click on it and select "set as wallpaper" (You can then 'regular-click' the image to close it):

This entry added:  23 / March / 2002   1:00 PM Pacific Time.
Got Ariel on 5th Happy Meal!  And I'll have to say this one is worth finding. Here she is:


Just click on the images above for a closer look.

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