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Webmaster Log Page 7

11 / April / 2004   6:00 PM Pacific Time.
Hard to believe that the last time I updated this page was a half year ago!  I suppose that from here on, it won't be getting much attention at all. The site is, as noted six months ago, basically completed.
One of my favorite parts of the site is the Guestbook. Some of the email I receive is just so adorable. There are a LOT of little Little Mermaid fans out there. If you don't Check It Out Regularly, you really should... it'll definately brighten your day

16 / October / 2003   1:00 PM Pacific Time.
Wow, I haven't updated this page in FOREVER  well, I guess that's because LittleAriel.com for the most part is completed. I'm still adding new categories now and then and adding to the existing ones.
The biggest news is that LittleAriel Forum is now up and running.. and it's very active, so I've gone ahead and added a link to it and you'll find that located on the left side of every page. If you haven't been there yet, please visit.. I think you'll like it a lot!
Once again, I'd like to thank all of you have ventured here and enjoyed these pages.. you've made it all worthwhile

25 / June / 2003   4:00 PM Pacific Time.
New category alert!  Looks like a great time for a category about the possibilities of a TLM3. Here's a place where you can voice your ideas and oppinions. Don't wait any longer, go check it out... see it on the left there?

11 / June / 2003   4:00 PM Pacific Time.
There's been a break in the action  while I sort out a few things.
I'm planning to present some kind of idea regarding the TLM "Prologue" possibility on a few message boards and see what kind of response there is out there for this.
I'm also planning to work on the gallery a bit during the next couple days because I just have so many more things to add.
There's a link or two I need to post so be looking for those, and finally, I'll be updating the Guestbook page...
Have a GREAT Ariel day!!

16 / May / 2003   12:00 PM Pacific Time.
As you know by now, the Games section is done.  I hope to add a few more games eventually also.
There was a problem with the "Dress up" section of Pop Dreamers which has now been corrected.

7 / May / 2003   4:00 PM Pacific Time.
It's really been a while since I've updated this page.   This used to be just a place for me to keep track of what I did to the site to improve/change it. Now that LittleAriel.com is completed there really isn't much to say here that I can't say on the News page which is frequented much more often anyway. So probably this will be the last entry here. I have added a Snowglobes section to the Gallery page and will be adding a Games section VERY soon.. this one was suggested by a fan and it made sense and since I've got several that I've collected over the years, I'll be putting that together soon... VERY soon.
Have a GREAT Ariel visit!!

17 / April / 2003   3:00 PM Pacific Time.
Lots of things going on here...  most importantly, the problems with the Webserver where this site is hosted at seems to be corrected. I haven't had a LOT of time to update the site lately, but that doesn't mean I'm not constantly working on it. Recently Velvet, a fan of this site and TLM has sent me a lot of pics of her Snowglobes collection so I added a category in the Gallery for it. Thanks for sharing with us Velvet
If you haven't been to K-mart lately to see the new Porcelain Keepsake Ariel doll mentioned on the News page, you really should. It's by far the most beautiful Ariel item to come out in a long while.
The Disney store has also increased the number of Ariel and Princess items so if you live near one, take a walk through.
I've added a link on the Links page so you can send me your links.. that's a lot of links, hmmm. Anyway, I'd really love some input so I can list places to visit that I may not have seen yet, so please,
Feel Free To Share

5 / March / 2003   4:00 PM Pacific Time.
Avatars are here!  Just created an Avatars page. Something I've wanted to do for a while. I'll be adding many more soon. You can find the link on the Gallery page.

20 / February / 2003   2:00 PM Pacific Time.
Well, I finally got around to the Gallery Page....  check out the GLASSES/CUPS and PLATES/BOWLS categories. They are streamlined now along with many new items added.

15 / February / 2003   11:00 PM Pacific Time.
Oh what a headache!!   Talk about a bad dream... LittleAriel.com would not open except for a Download File? prompt. Most of the time this would happen. It was really frustrating. What I didn't know was that a new equipment was installed at the server location where this site is hosted. It's called Zeus and when it parsed my .access file, it would cause Zeus to think to send the file as an application, thus the download prompt. Well, it's all fixed now and I'm really sorry for the problems which of course weren't my fault It's this new-fangled high-tech upgrade-it-now age we live in.

7 / February / 2003   9:00 PM Pacific Time.
Once again I've had a display problem with   Netscape, Gecko, and now the Phoenix browsers. Well this must have been going on for a long time so I worked around the clock to fix it and finally now it's done. The glitch mainly affected the Home and Index pages.. it was just a simple thing really but took a while to find. Also the links on the Links page were causing a problem too, the long ones stretched out the page so that you needed to use the scroll bar to see the whole page. Now that's fixed too. Have a GREAT Ariel Weekend!!

2 / February / 2003   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
Quite a bit of updates to talk about   I've been pretty busy on the site since I've gotten over the flu bug.
First of all it's with great pleasure that I anounce that LittleAriel.com has just won two awesome awards, so check out the Awards page for those. Arielcon East 2003 has just been completed at Disney World in Orlando. Lots of great pics and info about it to sift through so go to the News page for all of that.
Then there's the Links page which has gotten quite a few tidbits over the last week and a half so don't forget to go there also. As for the Gallery page, well, I haven't done much with it lately but keep checking back 'cause I sure do plan on it.
Oh, also I've updated the Stats page which shows how many visitors and pageviews LittleAriel.com receives. Just click the Visitors link on the left side navigation bar.
Bye for now

29 / January / 2003   4:00 PM Pacific Time.
Arielcon 2003 is over and a resounding success!  Sure wish I could've gone but as always it's been on the East Coast so I use that as an excuse for why I haven't participated. However, the next Arielcon will be on the West Coast this October so I'll have no more excuses and I believe this time I may be going, Family and all!!
As for my recent flu, well, I'm over it finally.. took 2 weeks!

20 / January / 2003   11:00 AM Pacific Time.
Okay, okay, I know, why the lack of updates?   Well, I got hammered with the BAD BAD VERY BAD influenza virus that's going around, and they're not kidding, it's a BAD one!! Put me down hard for 2 days and it's been five more and I STILL haven't recovered. But I am getting a bit better. So now I can add an update to the News page which I did. Also I have some great links to pass along and those will be added shortly. So stay tuned

9 / January / 2003   9:00 AM Pacific Time.
If you're reading this page you are a true fan of this site  ...and YOU are the reason it's so worthwhile updating it. So you're probably wondering why it hasn't been kept current for a while.. and the answer is: I've been on a Mexican Riveira Cruise with Mom and Dad and immediate family to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary, so congratulations to them!! We visited Peurto Viarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas ( I think that's the correct spelling ). It was a blast but since all the food was free I ate too much! I think everyone did, we were all eating even though we were full!! Anyway, back to the page.
There have been a few updates here and there and I'm adding stuff (too numerous to mention) every chance I get. You'll notice if you haven't checked LittleAriel out for a while. There are a lot of great LM sites popping up lately too so keep checking back for the latest!

29 / November / 2002   7:00 PM Pacific Time.
Various additions  such as: added 3 reviews to the Guest Book, a few links a news item or two and a little of this and that here and there

21 / November / 2002   12:00 PM Pacific Time.
New wallpaper added,  also an Ariel doll review among othere things. Not a lot of news to report lately but there are many new TLM related items showing up in retail stores.

16 / November / 2002   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
YIKES!!  An image file on LittleAriel's Home and Index pages was causing my IE6 to crash! That's very bad. I am really sorry if this has affected your browsing but rest asured as the problem is now corrected.

14 / November / 2002   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
I've added a lot of news stuff and links lately,   too numerous to mention so just check 'em out. I plan to continue making the Gallery pages better in the near future so check back often

7 / November / 2002   11:00 AM Pacific Time.
Join Arielholics Anonymous:  Added the link to all the Links pages. Thanks Brenda for giving me the idea.

31 / October / 2002   9:00 PM Pacific Time.
Gallery Page update:  I've been reworking each section one by one. Mostly it's that the thumbnails were all different sizes and I didn't care too much for that. Art and Bedding are done, in fact there are a couple more Bedding pics. Also done now is the Pins/Buttons page which by the way has 12 new images to check out. Next chance I get I'll work on the Glasses/Cups and Plates pages (including more pictures).

24 / October / 2002   10:00 PM Pacific Time.
Okay, here we go...  I've been so busy lately that I haven't been able to work on LittleAriel. So now it's time to make it all up: Let's start with the most popular page which is the Gallery, specifically the Art page. I've completely reworked it and added 6 new images. I think you'll like the look!
Next, I've updated the Visitors page. I'm pleased to let you all know that there were over 1000 visitors in one day for the first time!! I am thrilled

16 / October / 2002   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
Kind words abound...  Check out the Guest Book! Thanks everyone for appreciating this site. It's been a pleasure to bring it to you
I've added a popup to the Gifs page because that one takes a long time to load and since it sometimes doesn't fully display until completed it may seem like it's hung up. I don't like popups but this one has a good purpose... and, there were a few bubbles that were red x's instead, found out why and corrected it.

10 / October / 2002   10:00 PM Pacific Time.
Added a new Wallpaper.  Will be adding some news and links items soon.

2 / October / 2002   5:00 PM Pacific Time.
Yet another wonderful award for LittleAriel.com  This one is from Gouri who's site is the home of the Mouse and the Bear! Thanks Gouri
Added one new clothes item on the Clothes page.  Okay, not much but a pretty cool one... also, check out the Links page and see which Disney Princess you are. If you're a guy, just fake it.
Oh, one more thing  I've added another Ariel Wallpaper. I don't remember where I found this pic but it's awesome. I would love to give the artist credit or remove it if he/she objects. Please let me know if this is yours.

1 / October / 2002   10:00 PM Pacific Time.
Another Wallpaper added  I know she's not Ariel, but what the hey Oh, and also added a new look to the thumbs I think you'll like.

30 / September / 2002   9:00 PM Pacific Time.
Some wonderful reviews added to the Guestbook page.  Also worthy of note is the increasing popularity of LittleAriel.com...
now receiving over 700 visitors daily and actually closer to 800!! I believe the recent release of Kingdom Hearts does have a little something to do with it though. Nevertheless, nice to see. Check out the Visitors link on your left.

29 / September / 2002   9:00 PM Pacific Time.
Time for another update...  It's been a real busy week for me so I haven't been able to add very much but I did get another Gallery category done: Clothes. Also, there's another award for LittleAriel on the Awards Page.

23 / September / 2002   11:00 PM Pacific Time.
Bad Bad Banner Exchange...  has now been removed from all Links pages. The NOSCRIPT coding on it was causing a redirect to another site so the three pages I still had it on ( Links 1,2 and 3 ) could not be accessed. Goodbye Topsites4u Bannerexchange. Hope you get the problem fixed.

17 / September / 2002   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
Lots of updates recently  too numerous to mention, so check out the site and see for yourself. There's a new surprise on the Gallery page Added a Guest Book form and matching Thank You, placed a new award on the Awards page, added another Ariel site to the Fan Sites page...

12 / September / 2002   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
At last! This site is uniform...  All the pages now have the same design as I just updated the Gallery page. At the same time I've added 3 more categories there including Wallpaper, Icons and Gifs.

11 / September / 2002   6:00 PM Pacific Time.
Awards Page:  Just received a Tiggeriffic award from Kristy of I-Love-Disney.com and KTimothy.com. Thanks a Honey Pot of a Lot for that
Links Page:  Also from Kristy, an entry featuring her Little Mermaid backgrounds pages... a MUST see!!

10 / September / 2002   10:00 PM Pacific Time.
Side bar links:  Completed adding all the TopSite Lists and Disney themed links to each page's sidebar including the most recent one: Disney's Top Site Delights. Added an Ariel gif (One of my favorites) at the bottom of each sidebar.
News Page  ... okay, it's another personal note, but I had to add this one. As a bonus I also included the Wallpaper! Go have a look
Links Page:  great link to Ariel with fins in a dress! Thanks Ciro, for that.

4 / September / 2002   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
Gallery Page:  Just added 6 BEAUTIFUL examples of original production art on the Art page. A must see... Also, added 4 Cups and 2 Lunchboxes. More to come...

31 / August / 2002   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
Updates at last!  Starting with the Links page ( Three great pages to check out ), then there's a new Fansite on the Fansites page. Also updated is the News page with Vincent's recently created Ariel wallpaper. I'll be adding more images to the Gallery page VERY soon. Finally, I updated the Visitors page... LittleAriel.com is now receiving over 600 visitors ( not hits, visitors  ) per DAY!! So thanks to you all for making LittleAriel.com one of the popular places to go to on the web

19 / August / 2002   9:00 PM Pacific Time.
Gallery Page:  Added 1 Bath item and 2 Media items.

16 / August / 2002   4:00 PM Pacific Time.
Lots of areas on this site  have been updated and improved. Worked on the link colors for the left side nav bar. Added more to the gallery. Added a bunch of News items and Links. Made a couple animated gifs for LittleAriel. Joined a couple more Topsite Lists, note the quantity of buttons below the left side nav bar on all pages is growing... up to 10 now!

12 / August / 2002   10:00 PM Pacific Time.
News Page:  Created a LittleAriel Button so thought I'd share it with you.
Visitors page:  is now updated showing August.

11 / August / 2002   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
Gallery Pages:  Recently added a few images here and there including 5 Bath items and updated 2 Display items.

4 / August / 2002   9:00 PM Pacific Time.
Gallery Page:  Bedding category missing several images. Corrected.

1 / August / 2002   5:00 PM Pacific Time.
Well, I just had to put something in about LittleAriel.com being 1 year old today.  It's in the News Page. I have to admit I really enjoy my time updating these pages, adding here, perfecting there... I'll try and get some more Gallery images up tomorrow.
Fixed: clicking a Ring link on the Rings Page will open up a new window now, so you won't have to lose LittleAriel anymore.

31 / July / 2002   5:00 PM Pacific Time.
Gallery Page:  Added 12 Watches and Clocks and also 3 Cans. Will be adding more in the next several days as I've really got a backlog of pics to post.

26 / July / 2002   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
Two GREAT awards for LittleAriel.com  just added to the Awards page. It's really nice to receive these and your recognition is very appreciated.
Added another Sidebar Button  this one for a great Topsites list... "The Disney Collecors Webring". Wonderful bunch of sites there! So please check it out when you get the chance.. down this page a little and on the left

18 / July / 2002   7:00 PM Pacific Time.
Sidebar Button Links...  this is a growing collection of great sites of which two more have recently been added: DisneyForever.com which is a really wonderful place to go for all things Disney, and another TopSites List which I've added LittleAriel.com to, so if you get a chance, go ahead and check them out.

17 / July / 2002   6:00 PM Pacific Time.
Hello there!!  As you have no doubt noticed, I haven't had a lot of time to maintain this site. But that doesn't mean I've dropped off the face of the earth or went off the deep end... hmmm, not a bad place to go if I could find Ariel ;)    Anyway, I still absolutely love this site and will keep plugging away, even if it seems like there's nothing new, there usually is. For example, I've updated the "Visitors" page which displays a graph showing how many unique visitors LittleAriel.com receives daily, also I've joined another "Top Sites" list which you'll note as a new banner at the side of most pages, and there's a new Ariel Wallpaper which is really gorgeous.. you can find that one on the "News" page with the others. Additionally I'm keeping up the "Reviews" page with comments from you the loyal visitor so please feel free to let me know what you think of Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian, Ursula, King Triton, this site, etc...
Well, that's about it. Have a GREAT Ariel day!!

10 / May / 2002   5:00 PM Pacific Time.
Gallery Page:  Added 3 Towels and 3 Bubble Bath/Soap Containers to the Bath Items Page.

Explore Your Web...
and have a GREAT Ariel day!!

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