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Swim by and visit LittleAriel Forum, just click the link below:

For a REALLY good night's sleep...
There's a new Ariel comforter available at Walmart online and a few selected stores!

Here we go!
Check out this AllEars page: The Little Mermaid Art of Animation Resort With lots of pics!

The Little Mermaid really IS on Facebook!! Don't forget to LIKE!

This is an excellent looking Ariel Figurine

From the Disney Store online. She's 13 inches tall and looks to be well designed, so check her out...
kinda pricey though

Here's a page that will take you through Disney's The Little Mermaid Holiday SEAson(s)
Once you get to the page, scroll down a little and check out all the nostalgia

Check out this thread at LittleAriel Forum (My Mermaid Collection)
This is a WONDERFUL collection (and GREAT pictures) of Japanese Mermaid dolls. I've never seen these before, so have a look and enjoy

For more Ariel wallpaper than you can shake a sea snake at,
check out this GIANT Ariel wallpaper Google Search

Here's a nice coloring page of TLM2:

Get those Crayolas ready
Also, for more places to find Little Mermaid coloring pages, visit

Find out all about Ariel on

Meet Liana Hee, an artist with amazing talent. Fortunately for us, she loves mermaids
Check out some of her amazing work!!
Go and visit her blog and learn more:

When you feel like becoming Ariel, look no further than here:

It's a little early for Halloween, but dressing up can be fun anytime

An amazing amount of Ariel and TLM items available at the Disney Store:

Two new Ariel games to check out on the's Games Page

Click either of the games above to get started

Visit Sirenitta's Little Mermaid site:

Here's a GREAT little Ariel Figurine for the bath:

Click on the image to check it out

The Little Mermaid on Broadway (some back story):

Also, some previews of the show with interviews:

Looks like a lot of fun under the sea!

Not TLM, but:

a pretty neat Little Mermaid fan site, go check it out

Here's a very nicely done TLM site:

Check it out soon!

Now here's something you don't see every day:

This is an awesome Ariel Candle!

Check out this new Ariel site:

YouTube Little Mermaid site with a message board!

Create yourself an Ariel skin:

for your any handheld elecronic device like a cell phone or mp3 player.

Ariel set to music:

Enjoy this musical slide show featuring scenes from the first film

The Little Mermaid on 2 disc DVD October 3, 2006:

Check out this GREAT page at Disney

Here's a unique collection:

of Little Mermaid clips... enjoy

A fan site with a GREAT TLM/Ariel collection:

Very worth checking out, even though it's a bit hard to read

Now here's a truely beautiful thing:

Another TLM site dedicated to our favorite little mermaid.
Velvet, many many thanks go out to you for sharing your Little Mermaid site and your collection with us

At long last, a refreshing new Little Mermaid site I would be honored to call LittleAriel's Sister:

Thanks for making a WONDERFUL TLM site, Michelle!! A BIG kiss to you

Here's a spectacular Ariel cel from the 1989 film:

Goes to show that these cels really do command a large chunk o' change

You just have to see this awesome sandcastle:

Just wish we could see more of it

Here's a fun fact:

Ariel is a moon, in fact, the brightest moon... of Uranus

Stop by and visit the LilMermaid Club:

At Deviant Art

A very nice Deviation:

It's Ariel .::mono::. by ~eiko-chan... VERY NICE!!

Check out CurluGirl's page of TLM Midis:

Many to choose from.

Here's a page on Annie's Daring To Dream site worth a look:

Several Fanfics are posted here and should be worth the read ... and if you haven't been to Annie's site yet, you should visit there soon!

If you've ever wanted the lyrics of the first TLM film:

go visit this page, and Have A Look Around at the rest of the site

Here's a page with a large collection of Coloring Pages links:

with several of Ariel and TLM of course

Check out this Ariel page from the UK:

Make sure to click on Ariel when you get there Many things to enjoy and y.You'll find a nice Ariel wallpaper too!

I know it's been a long time since I've updated this page:
Provide Your Link

I haven't had really any quality time to search around for new and exciting Ariel or Little Mermaid links, so if you'd like to help me out, I'd love to hear from you and I'll post it here... just click the link above and you can send me your link... oh, and thanks in advance

Here's a link to the official Tokyo Disney Sea site:

Sent to me by a fan. GREAT page to check out the sites over there where I know we would all like to go RIGHT NOW where everything is Ariel Ariel Ariel Sounds like Heaven on Earth to me.

Here's a mermaid fan page from Japan:

Nice collection Phoebe

Another must see by Loish at Deviant Art:

Her work on Ariel is just AWESOME and be sure to check out the FanArt Page for more!

Here's a link to Tokyo's Disney Sea Mermaid Lagoon:

Thought you might like to have something to kind of dream about

If you collect the Disney Princess Toddler series dolls:

You'll want to get this one while you still can. She originally went on sale for Christmas 2003 and seems only available at KB Toys, but with Christmas around the corner once again she probably won't last long. Oh, and this one is a "real doll" ! You can click the image below for a larger view... UPDATE.. as of 15 December, she's SOLD OUT... sorry.

Here's another great page of Little Mermaid avatars:

There's quite a few

Pick it, make it, get it:

at the Disney Inkshop... nice collection of Ariels

If you haven't seen the Loish Ariel yet:

You should definately stop by and have a look!


I have never seen such a collection of themed TLM/Ariel avatars EVER!! This page will take a while to load, even on DSL or high speed. If you're using dial-up, you'll have to refresh the page about eight times. Good luck, and ENJOY!!

Fisher-Price has a nice Princess dedicated page:

You'll find mostly soft dolls for preschoolers here.

Here's quite a page:

Lots of reviews of the original Little Mermaid Film. 87% give it a 10 ! Go ahead and vote

Check out Screen-Caps of the entire TLM film!:

WOW!! There are over 1000 on page after page!! Listed in thumbnail form, you can click on each for a large version. Amazing collection!!

AlraM has created some stunning TLM/Ariel Fanart, mostly in Photoshop:

Click on Ariel to visit her pages and ENJOY!!

At last, an official (US) Disney Princess website:

AND, it's well done at that!! Hurry, click the link

From the Daring To Dream site:

Here's a Fanfic featruing Melody. Go to the bottom of the page. It's called "The Guardian of the Seven Seas". I haven't read it yet, but I've heard that it's pretty good.

This is a GREAT little story that includes info about an upcoming TLM event:

Looks like our Little Mermaid is going to broadway with an original and new theme and music

Here's a GREAT little item from the Disney Store online:

She's on ebay right now:

I'm not trying to promote this item, just sharing a new find. Why can't we get the things from Japan's Disney Sea here? Oh well, we'll just have to be content with looking
Explore Your Web...
and have a GREAT Ariel day!!

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