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This is a little test to see which Disney Princess you are, only takes a couple minutes.. haven't clicked the link yet??

Here's a great Ariel page to visit:

Lots of Ariel screenshots and other stuff.. and it's just one page of a site which contains all the other Animated Heroines, so be sure to take a look 'cause it's nicely done.

Check the Rings page for a new Webring
So far there's only one ring in the site (LittleAriel is pending) and that's:

Belle and Meg's Garden. Here's a very well done Disney Princesses site. Lots of stuff to check out.
If you have a Disney Princess or cartoon girl themed site please consider sharing it by joining The Disney Girls Webring.

Just found a GREAT new Ariel site:

There are just oodles and oodles of things here to see. Lots of MP3s, Wavs, Midis and other neat stuff. Multi lingual too! A nicely designed site Tati, thank you and I've added yours to the growing list of fansites on my Fan Sites Page.

From the pages of Arhielle's wonderfull Little Mermaid site:

A nice page from where you can download a few MP3s from TLM1 and TLM2. They won't take too long to download because they're reduced in size and they don't have CD quality sound of course, but they're fun

If you haven't visited Manon's Disney Fan Art page yet:

You really should. It's always great to visit her gallery and especially when there's a new Ariel drawing! Check out the one in pencil.. VERY NICE. Keep 'em coming Manon

It's time to check out The Mermaid Lagoon at Tokyo's DisneySea again:

The first two parts you may have seen already but the third is relatively new so go check it out.. but be prepared to be absorbed. There's a LOT to see!! Oh, and thanks Terry and Shad for posting these on
The Arielholics mailing list.

From This Page at come four beautiful pieces of art:
Unfortunately I can't display the links because they redirect to the site's Home page.

Just click on the last four thumbnails which you'll find at the above link. Although Ariel is not among them, these pieces of art are exquisite! No Ariel, okay, but WOW are these GREAT. Just had to share.

Oh, and with Kingdom Hearts about to be released, I checked the site
noted above and there are two more screenshots with Ariel and you'll find them at the bottom of this page:

Should be a fun game and probably will sell out quick when it hits stores September 17th.

From the amazing pages of

This is an absolutely FABULOUS collection of Little Mermaid backgrounds/wallpapers. You really must see this. There's a lot more on the site to enjoy... so whatcha waitin' for? Oh, and thanks Kristy for all the hard work and effort that must've gone into making those.

Lovely finned Ariel in a dress:

This was a scan from an Italian "Disney Princesses" magazine. Thanks for that one Ciro...
...and when you get a chance, you can visit Ciro's Web Artbook featuring fan art of many Disney characters including Ariel.

Here's a just posted collage by Dan (the ol' man of the sea) :

It will take a while to load but it's great Disney and Ariel fun! Enjoy...

Lots and lots of Ariel minis:

Three big pages of very unique Little Mermaid items from Japan that are available to purchase ( I have no association with this seller ). Many are a bit pricey but definately have a look!

This is a great page of Gifs:

Lots of Ariel, many we've seen before and some we haven't.

Manon has once again updated Her Site and especially the Gallery:

Her pics of Ariel are as always... AWESOME!! Keep drawing keep drawing PS, I like your Please wait a moment for page to load ... page.

Here are 2 great pages from Mushu's Disney Villian site:
( Sounds ominous but it's not )

On the above pages are "Avatars"... customized thumbnail screenshots of characters and scenes from various Disney films. Yes, Ariel is there of course Nice work Mushu!!

Great pencil drawings of Ariel:

Chrissy The Webmaster of MDA has updated her Little Mermaid page with a new design and more of her great sketches of Ariel.

Latest Kingdom Hearts updates page:
Kindom Hearts update page from

Somewhere but probably not on the web yet, there's a trailer which shows a few scenes of Atlantica. I've heard it's showing at game areas of stores that will be carrying the Kingdom Hearts game.

Two pages of Character Model sheets for Ariel:

These are some great sketches and were done to aid animators and future animators. The pics on these pages come in various different image formats.

Explore Your Web...
and have a GREAT Ariel day!!

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