TLM3 ?
  Will there ever be a TLM3 ? 
TLM3 IS a reality now!! You can check out the Official Site and as expected, it's going to be a PREQUEL. Stay tuned for more details
  TLM3 OUTLINE ( Updated 20 August 2003 )  
  Also, here's a TLM3 Script Submission by  Huntington Credenza
Who was kind enough to share it with us. This particualr story takes place during a time after TLM and almost as an alternate to TLM2.
Thanks Huntington

After receiving many many responses to this question, I've decided that the only hope we have of a quality film rivaling the original "The Little Mermaid" is if it were anchored in how everything in Ariel's world came to be.
I've decided to dedicate a page entirely for exploring the possibilities.
Below you'll find comments and suggestions from Little Mermaid and LittleAriel fans, along with some responses from me... and who knows, maybe we could all come up with a brilliant idea that'll knock everyones socks off and Disney will pick it up... maybe?
I'd love to include your ideas on this page...
Okay, let's see what's out there... ( starting with the most recent )

Sunday, September 25, 2005
I was looking at some of the ideas for TLM3,until I stumbled upon the idea about the pirates.Im a huge pirate fan but im a biger Ariel fan.Tell me in a diferent way,why you turned it down.I agree with jack,that wuld be pretty cool to have ariel encounter the pirates. But also tell me the good things you liked about this idea.
Amanda(jolly rodger)

I don't think running into pirates is a bad idea, but the "pirate idea" was originally Anthony's, and what he wanted was for Ariel to run into a bunch of zombie skeleton pirates and that's what I thought just wouldn't fit

Saturday, September 24, 2005
I am not sure how many people here belong to arielholics...The new one is called Reflections, no real idea what it is about...although It would make sense that Ariel is talking to Melody about when she was little and she tells about growing up...Prolouge much?... But then again i got to thinking...the Little Mermaid series...was the prolouge sooo... It's a total mystery...one fact...is it's called The Little Mermaid Reflections (talk to Dan on arielholics for all the sites and stuff)
AmyLee Under the Sea
Are you saying that the new TLM3 coming out soon is called "Reflections" ? If so, it would certainly indicate that Disney has seriously taken into consideration the need to get the "back story"... that is, Ariel's and her family's past. Also, it may very well be that LittleAriel.com may have played an important role in convincing Disney itself that a true pre-history of Ariel's world was important enough to devote a film on, even if it is only made for DVD. Thanks very much for writing and letting us know, AmyLee

Wednesday, September 14, 2005
hi iluv the little mermaid and its great that your making a third movie but why does it have to be so late coming out i cant wiat that long.i would really like to see eric as a merman. mabe like how your going to write the sotry but at the end you should have eric wanting to expeirence being a merman scince he did that to areil.and they could all be a family under the sea.if you could do taht that would be awsome.
Thanks for the ideas, Erica

Sunday, September 11, 2005
I think that TLM3 would be a fantastic idea!!! Are they actually going to make one? or are they making one right now?
Mia Mermaid
TLM3 is in the works right now

Saturday, September 10, 2005
Well you could add ursala and morganas mum in to it and ariel and melody must sacrivice their fins to save the world
Hi and thanks for sharing your ideas, Lloyd

Saturday, September 10, 2005
Dear little ariel.com I was looking at the ideas for a 3rd tlm movie and I wuld like to say that,I like the idea of the whole pirate thing that I read.It wuld be cool to have Ariel be seen with pirates.She can learn about a terror that takes place above her own home.That wuld make TLM3 evan twice as interesting.The guy who came up with that idea is very smart.I salute him.Write back soon.
Thanks, Jack

Sunday, August 14, 2005
Here's a idea for TLM3. And it's mostly about Ariel and Eric's marriage on the rocks and how Melody is affected. Ariel and Eric have a lover's tiff about Duchess Angelica firting with him. Ariel gets mad and goes to her father King Triton to clear her head and to think about about her relationship with Eric. She takes Melody with her. Her sister Arista sugessts divorice but Ariel still has feelings for Eric. In the end Ariel relizes she still loves Eric and come home to him.
Whew, sounds way too real to me ... like real life. I think what will work best is a good old fashioned "fairy tail", so where I do appreciate the ideas, I think a story line like that would work better on a soap. Ouch

Saturday, August 13, 2005
Dear littleariel.com I have just read your comments about my new idea. I must say I agree. I got a little too ahead of myself. My imagination got way too wild. Ariel is much too sweet to be seen with pirates. Thank you anyway. I will stick to my drawings of these weird happenings. Whether its pirates, superheros or grim grinning ghosts, its all going to be on drawing paper. Thank you.
Thanks for writing and sharing your thoughts, Anthony.

Friday, August 12, 2005
Hello again little Ariel.com.This is Anthony, but i like to be called grim ghost lover because im crazy about the haunted mansion.But to get to the point.I gave you an idea of mine for TLM3 plan a month ago.I have just come to tell you that i have made a few changes to my idea.But before i tell you,I just want to know what you thought about my whole pirate idea,please let me know.So any way here is my (NEW)idea:It starts out when Eric/Ariel& Melody are in the castile ball room enjoying a Halloween masqurade ball with there family and friends.There was music all around.There was a dining table covered with the most glorius food in the kingdom.Halloween decorations evereyware and evereyone was having a grand old time.That was until,there was a comotion outside in the ocean.A big dark shadow of a fairley large ship was coming up the coast.Eric and Ariel came outside to get some fresh air after dancing a long time.Then as they were talking a loud boom broke the silence.Just as Eric yelled "look out" a cannon ball tore threw a nearby hill side.When Eric identefies the ships flag,he remained speechless for a good 5 minutes.The flag was big and black and had the skull and cross bones.It was a ship of a ruthless band of pirates.The name of the ship:The Devils Gold.Then faster then the tide coming in,the pirates were on land creating havoc in the kingdom.there were no deaths just destrucktion.Later on ,a few pirates broke into the castile and destroyed the party.When Eric was fighting with one pirate,two others took Ariel captive.Melody,who was hiding the whole time did not notice her mother was gone until it was to late.As the story unfolds,Ariel learns that the pirates were being controlled by Ursulas ghost,who wanted her out of the way,to gain control over Ariels kingdom.Eric then takes his own crew to go hunt down the pirates.Melody however travels under the ocean,to save her mother then.in the end there is a big battle between Erics ship and the pirate ship,and Ariel finally finds her hidden power to stop Ursulas ghost & to save her home.Let me Know what you think of this new and improved idea.Thank you varey much.
Grim ghost lover
Well, honestly, I did like the Ursula's ghost idea, but as for the pirates, I just can't imagine a bunch of pirate bones running around in a TLM movie. I think that would require just a little bit too much suspension of disbelief. Ursula's ghost? Okay, but skeletons running around, uh, maybe not

Friday, July 29, 2005
I have been a fan of Ariel for as long as I can remember.She was allways my favorite princess.So this is my idea:This takes place about one or two months after the events of TLM2.It begins when Ariel is all of a sudden is feeling varey homesick,and wants to take a slightley short trip back to Atlantica.So she asks her father to turn her back into a mermaid.When she finally goes beneath the waves again,she gets right down to work and begins exploreing sunken ships.But one ship has one big difference.To Ariel, its just an ordinary ship but to humans its property of the only humans,King Triton shuld hate.Ruthless blood thirsty Pirates.The only treasure Arial gets was a rusted gold coin wich she later turns into a neckles.What Ariel did not know was that the coin was cursed.The skeletons of the pirates would go after the one who stole there treasure.Then later on,while back on land.Ariel gets captured by the ghost of ursula ,because she wants Ariels new treasure.Then Melody goes back in the sea to rescue her beloved mother.When she does,she faces underwater dangers never herd of before,with her new friend Zack the dolphin.Zack is allways looking for a fight.Melody can not believe what she is up against(the spirit of a long lost enimie & a 200 year old curse).Talk about major headache.I say its time for TLM to involve some action,adventure & the supernatural.Hopefully you will like this idea of mine.Thank you for listening to my thoughts.
The ghost of Ursula!! That's a GREAT idea

Sunday, July 24, 2005
TLM was wonderful, brilliant, daring and different. TLM2 was a great sequel, thought there should have been information on Eric (are there any more Aunts or an actual Uncle that we should know about?) but besides that it was planned out very well and enjoyable! Is that script submitted by Huntington Credenza the actualy TLM3 script? If it is...it's great, I think it has a chance. Atlantica, sounds very fascinating, but I think it gives away to much on Neptune so it's leaning on Hercules a bit much.
L. Prince
It's not the TLM3 script, just an attempt to create one, like on this page. Disney is in production of a Dircet to DVD version of TLM3 which will hopefully be out within a year or two.

Sunday, July 24, 2005
if your looking for thoughts and ideas there is a fanfic that i would have to recamend to you, its called "melody;a princess of two worlds" it is deffenatly worth looking for. its all about TLM3 and stars melody, it is-fun, adventures,brillant, exicting has a bit of rommance- and so much more. please check it out. thanks! please repley.
Thanks for the GREAT link, Ayr

Thursday, July 21, 2005
I've read what you have on the TLM3 it's very interesting. I feel like is mixes Hercules in with Ariel a little to much though. And I thought since TLM2 ended with Melody and a certain Merboy. Shouldn't he come back? Maybe Melody should turn 16 now...turning out to be more like her mother than she thought?
B. Price
Hmmm, GREAT ideas, B

Saturday, July 2, 2005
I thought Ariel's mother's name was Aria. Which is it?
Ariel's Mother, as far as I know, was never actually named anywhere, but I have it on good authority that her name is/was in fact, Andromeda.

Saturday, July 2, 2005
I think The Little Mermaid 2 was the best movie ever partly because it had Tara Strong in it and she got to sing and I just saw The Fairly Odd Parents musical School's Out and it was great and so I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really want there to be a The Little Mermaid 3 movie and because I have The Little Mermaid 2 video, dvd, cd, and many stories I have found off google like "The Little Mermaid and the Seven Seas" and "Birthday Surprise" and "The Storm" and many other stories I have read but, I can remember the title to. I have also thought up mini stories of my own in my head some are good and some are bad but, when I am bored I just think of one of the srories or read one of the stories I have read on the Internet. One of my stories is a little weide but, it was a little cool. It was about Melody was taken away from her parents when she was 1 year old and she was put in a group home and one day she bumps into her mom and at first Ariel didn't know that she was her daughter because it had been about seven years or so. Most of my stories are mother and daughter stories. My name is Emily and I am 12 and I am asking if there will please be a The Little Mermaid III
Emily, I believe there will indeed be a TLM3, probably within two to three years, but unfortunately, it'll not be on the big screen. It's set for a DVD release only.

Tuesday, June 7, 2005
somene had a idea about ariel eric and melody becoming mermaids and live in the sea i was thinking that melody and that merguy she met in the second one would fall in love and marry and the villan would be ursula and morgana's mom. and also learn about what happened to ariels mom and learn more about erics background because in the first one they talked all about ariel in the second one it was all about melody we need more info on eric.
That's an interesting point.

Thursday, May 26, 2005
I have always wanted eric to turn into a murman. That would be great.
Now that would be a twist

Tuesday, May 24, 2005
I agree, hopefully, we'll find out more. We sure would all like to know more about her.

Saturday, May 21, 2005
I think that maybe TLM3 could be about a future adventure of Melody, and Ariel. Something like a place where they are exploring under the sea, (maybe King Triton gave them a way to change from human to mermaid by themswlves?,) and they come up on a cave-type thing where they learn the truth about Ariel's mother. Like a shrine kinda' thing. I think that that might be cool Ariel FanAddict
Ariel FanAddict
Thank you

Saturday, May 21, 2005
Until Ariel found an ancent ruin near the palace. Which told her of a threat to the merpeople and her daughter so she had to find 12 new allies for her to defeat this threat(that can be created by Ariel's evil twin Ogla).
Ariel's evil twin ??!! Now that's creative

Tuesday, May 17, 2005
i think that the best way to go about this(a prequel)and make everybody happy would be to start where it left off, with melody. they made her in the story and i guess we'll have to live with it, so why not make it the best? we'll start out with melody, now knowing of her ancestry, asking ariel some questions about growing up a mermaid, how she met eric, and all that jazz. it'll be a typical flash back, combining the classic with the not-so-classic tlm2 while adding some more traditional ariel for the big fans :) (p.s.-i'm jumping outta my seat with the news of tlm3!!)
Well, whichever way it goes, it'll be nice to see Ariel in a new adventure once again

Friday, May 6, 2005
King Triton had also a son, prince Proteus, but he was taken away from the kingdom, because he was the only heir to the throne, and Triton had to protect him from Ursula. Ursula had two children, a very beautiful and kind daughter, called Marilyn and an ugly and malicious son, called Octavius. When Marilyn would meet Proteus by luck many years later, they would fall in love, but Octavius would try to stop their love story.(I think Marilyn should be yellow-skinned, with blue eyes-something between her mother's and Ariel's- and pink lipstick. Her hair could be like Morgana's but black. She could also wear her mother's purple earrings. Octavious should be skinny, ugly, with green eyes and devil-like hair.) Ariel also could have a brother, but, because he was the only heir to the throne he was taken away from Atlantica at the age of 3 to be protected from Ursula's threat. After many years ,the prince would return to Atlantica, to know who he really is, and he would meet Marilyn by chance. And they would fall in love. But Octavious would have other plans...
Wow, that's cool... and thanks to everyone else for so many GREAT ideas!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005
I am also a HUGE Ariel fan, and I'm sure a lot of people are. But that's what I'm saying. We all love ARIEl. I remember I was in the fifth grade when TLM2 came out. I was so excited! But you know what got me down. The fact that 1: she was a parent 2: you didn't see her loving personality anymore and 3: it was all about Melody. I always secretly hoped that if they made TLM3 it would be all about Ariel. With beautiful orchestras and music and a excellent story with suspense and drama. With TLM3 bring traditional animators, storywriters, and make the story BIG! P.S. don't forget we need romance.
You have it exactly right. I was disappointed a bit with TLM2 for the same reason... the focus was simply not on Ariel. Oh well, I guess we take what we can get

Sunday, April 17, 2005
I think the idea for a prequel, as I'm sure you have heard,is a good idea.However, we have had Ariel as the main character already, and she would be too young for a main protagonist.Concentrating on Andromeda I think would be better.The reason for Triton's absolute protectiveness could be that Ariel looks,sings, or maybe her adventerous side is very like her mother's. I also think that having the story set mainly on land would take alot of the magic away, as it did for me in TLM2.( Melody wore a vest under water, whatever happened to the traditional shells?!)To make this work the film would have to be as visually and musically beautiful as the first, two issues I feel were feebly tackled in the LM2.Personally the first shot of Atlantica in the originel LM I found was breath-taking, not only because of animation and music, but because it was something I'd never seen before,which is why maybe we could do with a different setting to begin with, or a different kind of old Atlantica.For example, maybe Atlantica in war time before peace was restored, or a more magnificent city of old before it was tingued by Ursula.Also the colours in TLM were darker, more mysterious and generally less happy clappy. PLEASE can we not have another ridiculous TLM2.I know it is a children's film, but the original appealed to adults as well as children, unlike the second. I think the major reason why TLM was so popular with both was because we had a sense of the original fairytale, a strong backbone for any version.So I think referring to the original text,like when she dies and dissolves to foam (could be used for death of Andromeda), would restore alot of the magic and visual beauty. I understand it must mainly appeal to children and cannot have too many dark issues of death,but if you remember the book, it is comfoting as she becomes a spirit of the sky and must protect children of the earth. If we look at the two different worlds of land and sea, we see Atlantica as a place much more to do with peace, and in the modern day Triton's real fear of humans would be based on the human desire to parade. Maybe Andromeda was captured by humans who did not kill her but treated her as an animal, something you may see in a zoo, due to the treachory of jealous Ursula? Obviously you cannot use ideas from the internet for legal reasons so I will try to find an address to write to, maybe you could give me one? I don't honestly expect to be taken very seriously but hopefully some of my comments may help. Good luck.
Very well thought out, Han, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I wish I had an address to pass along

Saturday, March 26, 2005
Personally, I think (and I'm sorry if this has already been mentioned...^^:) that the only idea that would be anywhere near as good as the first movie is if they went into the past. Like what happened to Ariel's mother (that's an often wondered question that Ariel always seems oblivious too). Maybe, perhaps, Ariel's mother was killed by humans when she was young and that's why Triton hates them so much. Or, maybe, she was killed by Ursula herself and that's why Ursula's was banished. I'm already starting a fanfic about my ideas on that (it's mainly about Ursula's past), so... But I have a feeling that there definitely will be a TLM3 when the Platinum Edition comes out (most likely next year). That's what seems to be happening with all the other popular movies. They've gained trilogies. And, since I heard there was to be a Cinderella 3 (THE HORROR! o_O) with the release of Cinderella in October, there's a definite possibility of the same happening with TLM. Although I think the sequel might have more to do with Ursula's mother and Melody's obvious love interest (the blonde mermaid, or merman [--;], who looks so much like that blonde prince from earlier in the movie).
Yes, it's almost unanimous to have TLM3 give us a back-story on Ariel and her Mother. Thanks for the input, Michael.

Friday, March 4, 2005
Instead of just ariel and the rest of her sisters how about ariel having a twin sister named Annabella!
Hmmm, kind of like a spinoff, but if Ariel did have a twin sister, we would probably already have known about her Thanks for writing, Melodia

Friday, March 4, 2005
Funny about all the Andromeda references 'cause I too am working on a prequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!! basically it starts off before the concert in which Ariel is prenested!
That's cool!!

3 March 2005

First of all, let me appologize for not having updated this page in like forever. It's been a while since I've had time to reply to all the emails I've received concerning the TLM3 ideas. I'm still very enthusiastic about this project, so I'm always happy to respond to any and all ideas

Tuesday, February 15, 2005
I Like To Say Is That The Little Mermaid 3 Is Going To Be A Big Hit. I'm Sure Of It
Music to my ears, Andy

Monday, January 3, 2005
It should be where Ariel meets Flounder. A shark is after Flounder, and is rescued by a "bigger fish" He thinks Ariel will eat him. But he learns she is a friendly young mermaid. He and Ariel have many adventures, meeting a crab named Sebastian, and Flounder is stuck in a shark's mouth. Ariel finds pepper in a shipwreck and sprinkles it in the water. The shark sneezes, and Flounder is free! He must save Ariel and prove bravery when she is afraid to leap off. He finally rescues her, and bravery goes to his head, and Ariel slaps himout of it.
Hey, thanks for the cool ideas, unfortunately, the 'Ariel meets Flounder' has already been done on an episode of the series

Thursday, December 30, 2004
Personally I think that the script that is shown above is suitable 4 the prequel of TLM. i dont think that the TLM3 would be nice without romance......so i think eric should show up in TLM3.
I think you have a REALLY good point there about the romance thing. I wonder if Eric, as a younger prince could have possibly met Ariel and then maybe had his memory erased at some point... hmmm, definately something to consider

Thursday, December 23, 2004
Hello Mike!! About the prequel to TLM, it would be great. However, I'm a little bit lost. I was reading some of the feedbacks in the forum, and couldn't help to notice that one of them mentions a song that Aquata sings to Ariel and Ariel sings to Melody. Which song is that? Is it the one from the beggining of TLM 2? I would also like to know, when is The Little Mermaid Platinum Edition coming specifically? Thanks for your response and congrats on your page. It's really fantastic and covers all the Little Mermaid details. I really like it.
Ariel Fan David
Hi there and thanks for writing As for the song mentioned in the forum, that must be another version written by someone else. I'm sorry I don't know the song you're referring to, so you might want to post the question at the LittleAriel Forum. As for the Platinum Edition, I've heard that it will be out later this year. Also, I very much appreciate your kind words... have a GREAT Ariel day!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004
I'm Going To Say Is That The Little Mermaid 3 Is Going To Be The Biggest Hit Ever I Just Know It. As You Already Know That ARIEL IS MY MOST FAVORITE MERMAID PRINCESS EVER. SHE'S GOING TO BE THE MOST SPECTACULAR FANTASTIC, When It Arrives I'm Going To Enjoy It That's For Sure.
I love your enthusiasm, Andy. I like to think that there will eventually be a TLM3, nut realistically, unless there's a big movement to do it, I don't think Disney will. The poor effort on TLM2, and resulting audience disappointment, has probably put the project, if there ever was one, on indefinate hold. Still, we can hope and dream about it

Monday, December 20, 2004
HI! I love your page. I never knew there are others like me out there. I am a true Ariel- phile. Is that how you say it?
Anyway, I think that a prequel will be a bloody brilliant idea. I think that Melody should come home from a first date all moony eyed and dreamy And ask "What was Atlantica like when you were younger?" to her mother Ariel. Ariel would launch into the story about how boring and dull it was when she was in love with Eric. But seeing the sad reaction on Meoldy's face she would then tell the tale of her childhood. How her Mother died. All Ariel remmebers is her Mother and Father taking her to the surface for a look at the sunset and then Ursula in her mad despair at being stripped of her title and laughed out of Atlantica comes on a fishing vessel nets being casts and Ariels mom dropping her into the sea as the Astonished fishermen gape at the wounded merwoman. Ariels mother is bleeding from getting a great gash from being entwined in heavy voils of harsh thick rope and her struggle to get out. They see Triton and lower the merwoman down to the water for him but she fades quickly. The next day the Queen is dead and Triton hardens his heart to the humans.
The next day a great storm arises from nowhere destroying a galleon the sinking pieces of the ship show that it is the kings leisure boat and that the King of the Coast is dead. This shows how Eric grows up without a father. Show Eric about 5 years old grieving for his father enamored and fearful of the sea determining to conquer it as his Father could not.
Then show young Ariel growing up meeting Flounder (Guppy#35) and how Sebastiean a youthfulk virtuoso became entrusted with tthe care of Tritons prized pearl, Ariel. He tries to make her mind her lessons and practice her Scales yet she manages to traipse off into the wild colors and bustling crowds of Atlantica.
Then Ariel is interrupted by pebbles being thrown onto Melody's balcony. Her merman boyfriend serenades her as Ariel smiles gently in the shadows of Melody's doorway. Eric gently kisses the top of Ariels head as he comes up behind her and says Remembrer What that was like? ariel answers Only You couldn't sing for Anything.
Tyhe next day They are on the big rock where Ariel always was in the First movieand Ariel fiishes the tale with Melody's bf coming up to them and handing Melody a ring as they are playing around
Leave the answer unknown so that we all can dream
Hi there and thanks for taking the time to write :) Yes it's true, there are many many of us out there. Check out LittleAriel Forum for a lot more Thanks also for the stroy idea. It's been on the back burner for a while and I'm not sure when I'm going to revive it, but when I do, I'll give it my all. Hope you and yours have a GREAT Ariel holiday season!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2004
TLM3???? as much as i drool over the idea, Problem1:ariel already lost most of her charm becoming a parent(like a certain simba in some other sequel) do we really want her any older? she is the only disney princess w/children!! Problem2:W/the exception of maleficent& the queen from snow white, ursula is one of the best damn disney villains ever(&probably the only one w/a sense of humor). morganna didnt cut it. Problem3:what about founder & sebastion?they barely had any role in TLM2. i love those guys. got it??????

Saturday, December 4, 2004
Only a thought but I was thinking Ursula could be in love with Triton but wanted his power even more. Only being jealous that he married someone else.

Thursday, September 16, 2004
I think for a plot twist that Ursula turns out to be Ariel's mother. Think about it.
Now that WOULD be a twist!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004
It should be a prequel. after all it would be interesting to see tritons family including the late wife and ursulas origins because a little mermaid movie W/out ursula SUCKS. u saw tlm2. i've abunch more ideas to share w/you but i cant at the moment. sea ya
Ariel's boyfriend
That seems to be the general consesus that it should indeed be a prequel. You're right about Ursula... she definately needs to be there! Sea ya too

Wednesday, October 20, 2004
Have baby ariel sea her mother dying Also give info on other characters like flounder & sebastion make it so they are more than ariels friends
Ariel's boyfriend
Sounds good!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004
1st of all, make it that triton inherited the trident. 2nd add history of ursula. where did she come from & things like that
Good points... I'll work on that

Sunday, September 12, 2004
i dont no if this idea has been suggested but im following someone else's idea on ursula and human's working together. Maybe ursula lured some humans on a boat (most probably sailers :P) and put a spell on them, turned them into underwater breathing humans and in some way used them to attack triton/ariel's mother or the kingdom in general. possibly eric's father could have been one of the sailors? i think this is a great idea guys! keep up the good work! :)
Thanks so much for your input. I'll consider your ideas

Wednesday, August 25, 2004
so after reading most of all of your e-mails about a TLM 3. I honestly think it wouldnt be that great of an idea...W/ Disney most of thier 2nd movies arnt all taht great..ok well they are just bad...When they had TLM 2 it was bad as well....they should leave it wheer it is at and just wait for it to come back out...I think they should have left it w/ just the first one...but that just me....but dont get me wrong i love TLM believe me i drive my family nuz but thats just my opinion
Thanks Amy. I agree that Disney doesn't have a good track record when it comes to 2nd and 3rd installments. They would really have to pull out all the stops to make a TLM 3 project work. Then, and only then, would I want to see it. Having to sit through a TLM3 that wasn't at least B+, would be a HUGE disappointment. We can only hope for the VERY best from Disney if they do it. Have a GREAT Ariel day!!

Friday, July 30, 2004
i guess i'm a little skeptical about TLM3 ever become an actual movie, and also a little afraid it would tarnish the record of TLM. True, TLM 2 wasn't the best, but it didn't completely flop. The outline is excellent, but one or two things cauht my attention.
#1. If Ursula and Morgana plotted together, how did Morgana come to hate her sister so?
#2. What about Andromeda and Ariel's mother/daughter relationship? I know sometimes the youngest child seems to be more spoiled (i am one!), and so perhaps Andromeda lets Ariel get away with things her older sisters weren't allowed. Possibly Ariel is out finding her treasures, when SHE, not Aquata, saw the disaster of her mother being taken away.
#3. if Andromeda is caught in a fisherman's net, how does the world of merpeople stay hidden? why would it still be considered a tall tale? What if Andromeda was caught in the net, entangled and strangled, and dying as they hual up the net. Here Ursula, who would NEVER have done this on purpose, (her words, not mine) cuts her body loose, and carries it to the palace, and blames it all on the humans. She didn't realize that Ariel (or Aquata, whatever you wish) has seen it all and told her father the truth. this would account for the fishermen's tales about merpeople, but no accounted proof.
#4. well, actually, i think that 3 is enough. Thanks for letting me share my ideas!
Hello Erin!!
#1 Sibling rivalry maybe?
#2 I think that's an excellent idea!! It would help explain why Ariel seems to be the only one that's so independant
#4 Erin, thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to write and share your ideas... they are strong and I would like to incorporate them in the outline

Tuesday, July 20, 2004
Hi Ariel How Are You, I Like To Say Is That The Little Mermaid 3. Is Going To Be A Biggest Hit Ever, I'm Going To Enjoy It. I've Been Watching The Little Mermaid ALL The Time, You Are Spectacular Swimmer. Flounder Is The Greatest, Sebastain He Is Wonderful I'm Enjoying The Pictures Of Ariel At LittleAriel.com. It's A SPLASH.

Friday, July 16, 2004
i agree with mermaid kelly, on the idea of a prequel explaining al,l those aspects! i don't know if anyone suggested this already or not, but i think that ariel's mother should have been tricked by someone(the vilain in this story)and caught by humans and that's why triton hates them so much. maybe it could be like a flashback movie, and for the first half of the movie, ariel could be telling eric and melody(even though i don't really like melody that much, but i won't get into that)about her childhood/past and then the second half could be ariel going back underwater to face the vilain who tricked her mom into getting caught by the humnans. it would be a cool way to explain everything, and we could see some really cool underwater mermaid ariel scenes!(that's the only thing about the 2nd tlm that i liked, and the animation was awsome)
Hello Erik, and thanks for your reply. I'll add your ideas to the collective pool of thoughts on this subject. Have a GREAT Ariel day!!

Friday, June 25, 2004
I would LOVE a Little Mermaid prequel!!! It would be great to show Ariel and her sisters when they were young, we already have a good idea on what Ariel would look like because of all the "baby princess" merchandise! Also explaining what happened with Ariel's mother, as well as Triton's hate for humans is a wonderful idea! I think baby Flounder and Sebastian should be included in the prequel too, and also that Ariel should be shown during the majority of the movie...the part with Triton, Ursula, and Andromeda should just be the introduction of the movie (like Eric's ship was the introduction of the original Little Mermaid). I don't like the idea that Triton should be shown as a boy, with the gods and goddesses (that could be a whole different story!) he should just be shown as king, when his wife gets captured, and in the events afterwards. Overall though I like the outline so far...it just needs a LOT more Ariel!!!! We need to see her playful and curious ways as a toddler, and how she is blossoming into a sweet young girl and eventually how she becomes the human-adoring teenager we all love!!!
Disney is making a lot of sequals, especially around the time the originals come to dvd! The Little Mermaid is currently expected for her platinum dvd around fall 2006, and with the exception of Snow white, Disney seems to be making their platinum films so far trillogies (three movies!). Beauty and the Beast was considered a trillogy with the original, the Enchanted Christmas, and Belle's Magical World. The Lion King became a trillogy with the original, the 1 1/2, and 2-Simba's Pride. Also, I've gotten word that a Cinderella 3 is currently in the works to come out around the time that the Cinderella Platinum dvd comes out (fall 2005) to make Cinderella a trillogy as well. So I think a Little Mermaid 3 is definately a future project for Disney!!! If we want out ideas to be used, we should sent them to Disney soon (if someone knows how to contact Disney). The Little Mermaid 3 could be arriving late 2006 or early 2007!!!
Mermaid Kelly
You have a LOT of really GREAT points, Kelly! I fully agree with you that we need a lot of Ariel, and also including a side story about Sebastian would be a very good idea. Including Flounder as a "guppy" along the way would be excellent. I think we really need to re-identify with that threesome.
I sure hope you're right about a third TLM... unfortunately, I don't think Disney would ever use a story written on the internet for legal reasons. But we can all hope that Disney will be motivated enough to pursue a Prequel for TLM if they ever do decide to continue the adventure. Thanks again VERY much for your input and ideas, it's those like you and all other TLM fans who will keep this Disney dream alive for a LONG time to come

Sunday, May 30, 2004
When I was young I loved the Little Mermaid and still do! A good idea is that Melody could fall in love with the merboy she did in number 2 so maybe she could turn into a mermaid and have adventures in the sea! Another good idea is she could have friends on land! And at the ending or in the middle of the movie they could show her futuer as mom and a mermaid! P.S. They could even show Ariel and Eric as grandparents!
Hello Keith, and thanks very much for you email. Thanks for you ideas too! As a consensus, I think it was pretty much decided that the next installment of TLM should be a "Prequel", so we could perhaps learn more about the early days. I think for sure Melody would play a leading role in any fourth installment, so let's just hope there are more on the way. All we can do is hope :) Have a GREAT Ariel day!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004
I'm a huge Ariel fan, and I would really love that a new TLM movie were out. I started reading the possible script for TLM 3 shown above, and it's really interesting. One thing that would be cool is if the movie was made in computers, like Toy Story, or Monsters, Inc. As for the site, it's really cool. I liked it a lot. Very organized, and has every detail. I loved it. Good luck, and Thanks.
Ariel Fan David
Well, hello David! Thanks for the GREAT review of LittleAriel.com I like the idea of a computer animated version of any new installment, but a lot of TLM fans would cringe at the idea, for them, traditional animation is the ONE and ONLY. Unfortunately, in this day and age, hoping for a traditional type effort from Disney, would be like hoping for world peace
Thanks again for writing, and have a GREAT Ariel day!!

Friday, April 23, 2004
Hi, I saw your LM3 outline and all the ideas and thought i'd contribute myself. I think it would be great if they did a LM3 and have a good story to it, since LM2 was ok, but could have been much more better. I grew up watching the original and the TV show, so having a fun and interesting prequel/sequel would be great.
Some of the points i wold like to sugest is:
1. maybe both ursula and morgana can be of a different kind than merpeople, maybe merwitches or something of the like (thus explaining their tails) that are usually despised by merpeople and Triton accepts them in the court nonetheless because he wants to stop this hatred towards their kind and believes ursula to be a good person.
2. Andromeda should be perhaps half human or even human (a good twist for the story) and instead of ursula killing her of, she could have lured some humans (of the not so nice kind) into atlantica so they can help her take andromeda back to the human world forcefully. King triton may think she is dead because of this humans and ursula his hate towards humans, which could be better than just having her killed by a fisherman's net or something. Ursula would try to trick him into believing that andromeda abandoned him.
3. Last point would serve for having Ariel's arc, Melody would ask her of her grandmother, which our favorite mermaid doesn't really know much since the subject troubles Triton so much. This would unleash a mother and daughter (and Eric too!! would love to see him with a tail) search for information that would be both underwater and on land (once they realice it was humans who "killed" andromeda).
4. In this way, the story could be told as a series of flash backs, flash forwards that make the storytelling more dynamic than a single person telling the story.
5. In the end they could find Andromeda is still alive and well ond the surface, and in the best Little Mermaid style recognise her by her song, which Aquata sang Ariel when they were little girls. Ariel finds out that her mother never returned to the sea because Ursula had cursed her and if she ever came back Triton and her daughters would die, of course with Ursula death the curse has no more effect and finally Triton and Andromeda reunite with the love of their lives.
6. Come to think of it, Ariel's mother song could be the whole trigger of the story, since Ariel sings it to Melody as Aquata sang it to her and maybe her faint memory recalls her mother singing that song, but that's about all she knows about her mother and the past of king Triton and Ursula and Atlantica in general (remember Ariel as a kid cared more about the human world and having adventures than the lore of her kingdom).
Well, those are my suggestions, I hope you find them interesting. On a side note, I don't know if you know, but there is these relatively new anime (it's just a year old in japan and is just starting to be fansubbed) called Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch which is of course about mermaids who fight the bishonen forces of evil with their songs. Maybe it's a little far fetched, but if this show gets attention in the US, maybe disney would be interested in doing more Little Mermaid, you know capitalize on a trend.
surfer girl Kalani
Thank you very much for your well thought out ideas. Japan does seem to be the leader on animation lately. Who knows...

Tuesday, March 2, 2004
You know that disney did The Lion King 1 1/2 Timons and Pumbas side of the of the story so why not The Little Mermaid 1 1/2 Prince Eric's side of the story
That's an interesting idea.. you mean, spin some tales of his life at sea before he met Ariel? Maybe one day, you never know

Wednesday, February 18, 2004
Anthony Gray Im Deaf!
I Like a Mergirls and Merboys and Mermaid and Merman. When Movie disney Little Mermaid 3

Sadly, Anthony, I don't think Disney will be making a TLM3 any time soon. That's why we're trying to come up with a good story of our own

Wed, 21 Jan 2004
I think it would be a gr8 idea for TLM3. I'd love to see more films. But let's hope it will better than TLM2, which wasn't a flop, but was still nowhere near as good as TLM. Also, the songs are something to think about. I wrote a song for Ariel to sing. It wasn't made specifically or anything, I was just on the computer one day and I typed it up. I know it's rubbish, oh well I tried.

Different World
Tell me something I donít know
Show me something Iíve never seen
Ask me a question Iíve never been asked
Take me to a place Iíve never been

I know everything about, the world around me
Iíd like to see something new

Take me to a different world
Change me into a different girl
Because I donít want to be
Myself any longer

Take me to a different world
Show me something other than fishes and pearls
I donít want to live, under the sea

I heard about a world, I heard about a place
Where every single girl has her own space
Humans, they call these strange people
Who have feet instead of fins

I know everything about, the world around me
Iíd like to see something new

Take me to a different world
Change me into a different girl
Because I donít want to be
Myself any longer

Take me to a different world
Show me something other than fishes and pearls
I donít want to live, under the sea

I donít care where
I donít care how
Just get me out of this world right now!

Can I be a different girl
Let my new life unfurl
Just take me to a different world.

It's on the same basis as 'Part of Your World' really. I haven't thought about the tune yet, but let me know what you think of it.

Hi Mergirl, and thanks for the GREAT email! Your dedication to the world of Ariel reminds me of my own
I love the fact you created a set of lyrics because I like writing songs myself, so I can appreciate your imagination. I think, however, that Ariel didn't really desperately want to never be a mermaid again. I believe she wanted to go exploring somewhere she'd never been before, probably for the purposes of discovering new things in a whole different world.
P.S., sorry for the late reply, but your email ended up in the "Junk Mail" folder which I don't check that often becuase it's usually junk. It's always a pleasant surprise when there's whenever I find a GREAT letter like yours

Monday, January 19, 2004
NO! No no no no no!!! TLM three?! I know that many Arielholics are supportive of the idea, but has anyone thought of the content of a third movie? First off, I suppose there's the movie quality. Disney sequels, prequels, etcetera are always badly animated and have poor special effects. That isn't what would bother me, though. What about Ariel? She's the headstring, heartsick, yourning teenager that we love, and would we really want to see her as a grandmother? Her spirit smouldering spirit would be dimmed to an ember and her grace and fluid movements would be dulled. To be more materialistic, her hair would no longer be the flaming red that we all love.
I would be supportive of a prequel that shows the beginning of Ariel's passion for humans, but I don't like the idea of a third TLM.
Willow the Wisp
Hello Willow, and thanks for your response.
Any new TLM film would ultimately be known as "TLM 3" even if it were a prequel. My idea to entitle it "Atlantica" might be a good one, but I'm sure it would ultimately contain the TLM moniker anyway: "The Little Mermaid 3: Atlantica" or "Atlantica: The Little Mermaid 3".
Of course, I agree with you that we should see, in any next installment, how everything came about that led up to TLM, and especially how our favorite red-head grew to be the young free spirit she turned out to be

Friday, January 2, 2004
Have't heard from me in a while eh?
Anyways, Disney was throwing out all the production artists boards from the studios. They were all planning to make future disney movies all in 3-D. What we should do is make up a script. Completely original, (not alot of people do prequels, so this is a good oppurtunity to jumpstart disney)I don't think havng a prequel to TLM in CGI or in pixar format is really necessary. It should be an original cel painted film just like the first.
What i'm trying to say is that a follow-up of melody's adventures would be considered 'BSL'or 'bad story line' and wouldn't quite fit in seeing as to TLM 2 ended like it was all over, ad it wouldn't make sense to follow it up. Besides, seeing prequels is fun, did you see that crowd at the opening of "Star Wars attack of the clones"?
Great comments Ariel, now if only I had more time to devote to writing..

December 2, 2003 4:00 PM
When Ariel has Melody, and when Melody grows up, have Melody marry someone from underwater, (the boy she meets in the movie) and have twin daughters. One is in love with the ocean, and one with the land. The one in love with the ocean is named Harmony, and the one who is in love with the land, is named Alastar. Then they go through a difficult adventure, and it includes both the twins, Melody, and Ariel.
Thanks for this great idea Seastar. That would make a nice followup to TLM2, however, a poll was conducted at LittleAriel Forum and the overwhelming majority would like to see a "Prequel" to TLM.. so I'm thinking a story like yours might fit in very well, but probably best after a Prequel explaining how everything in Ariel's world came about in the first place

Wed, 19 Nov 2003
OMG! They should definetly make a tlm3! It should be like Melody gets to stay with her gandpa and she turns back into a mermaid and falls in love with a merman!
Huge Ariel Fan!
Hello Huge Ariel Fan! Well, after several polls, most TLM fans would like to see a "Prequel" showing what happened before TLM1.
You can visit the LittleAriel Forum and check it out , oh, and feel free to join us if you haven't already

Sat, 15 Nov 2003
The little Mermaid part 3 or 4?
Once Melody unites the merpeople with the humans, remember she bumps into that blonde merboy? (a couple of times) Does the boy look familiar? Urchins boy. He will fall in love with Melody and conflict will once again arise. meanwhile, Ariel begins to have some disturbing dreams. Her mother is in her dreams and is calling for her. Ariel speaks to Aquata who is really the only one who saw what happened to their mother first hand...
Anyway, that's how i see it, and it does fit...
Thanks Kate, I very much appreciate your input
I look forward to writing my own version of a possible TLM3 and would deeply encourage anyone to write up a tale as well.

Mon, 10 Nov 2003
As a huge Ariel fan I would love to see a little mermaid 3. There could be 10 little mermaid movies and I would be excited about every one. What I think would be kind of cool is if they did a movie with all of the characters (princes and princes), and the setting was in modern times. Back to The Little mermaid 3, I am keeping my fingers crossed : )
Hello Dani, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for TLM3 too We can always hope. I plan on getting around to writing the version posted at LittleAriel real soon so hang in there. If we can't get a film, maybe we can at least get a story

Mon, 6 Oct 2003
Hello again!
I was wondering if Disney has any plans for a Little Mermaid 3. I would also like to know if you know of any links to stories about Ariel and Melody. Please let me know. Thanks.

the explorer
Actually, I plan on adding a link to TLM Fanart VERY soon so stay tuned
As for TLM 3, I think there are NO Disney plans for this at all. Very sad for us.
Oh, and good to see you on the LittleAriel Forum!!

Sun, 5 Oct 2003
Little Mermaid 3 has a good chance!!!!!!
Hi. I was watching the news when i came across that Disney will be making a Prequil to (the Lion King. Taking place after the 1st movie) So since everyone in the world loves The Little Mermaid, i think The Little Mermaid 3 has a good chance!

An Ariel Fan
I would love to believe that Disney would try their best to create a TLM3, but unfortunately, I think there just isn't enough interest to make it profitable.

Sat, 20 Sep 2003
Try To figure out what will happen in the Little Mermaid 3. Like What Eric would think of being turned into a mermaid and how much he likes it under the sea and if he wants to stay and for ariel and melody and all the people in his house to join him. Wouldn't that be so cool!well Bye!
Hmmm, that might be a good idea for TLM-4 !!

Sat, 23 Aug
I don't remember reading that Ursula and Triton were siblings; the differences in their tail sections make me wonder if they shared only one parent! That could add an unexpected twist to the tale; was Triton's mother caught by fisherman, leading him to remarrying and having more children? Did Ursula get the idea of how to get rid of Andromeda by what happened to Trton's mother? Was Ursula jealous of her older half-brother's coronation? Perhaps his mother's death is yet another reason for Triton to be so protective of his daughters? Not a likely route now, though, since the introduction of Morgana and the lack of father references made, but maybe it could work since Ursula's father has not been set in stone in the existing features. There could be a whole backstory on Triton, Ursula, and Morgana having to grow up together where we could explore how they ended up to being good or evil. Maybe Ursula and Morgana's mother was bent on taking over the kingdom herself and eventually handed the deed over to Ursula on her deathbed. This would explain Morgana's jealousy of Ursula and why she keeps trying to prove herself to "ma" in the sequel.
I'm picky; story comes first but I want great visuals to boot. The lush look of full Disney-style animation isn't a requirement for me when it comes to a cartoon (although it's a plus!); I just want something pleasing/interesting to look at. That's why I never got into something like the Aladdin TV series. Maybe I missed out on some interesting stories, but after seeing the movie, the animation of the TV series and OAV's broke my heart.
Something I think that the Little Mermaid sequel missed out on was what it would be like for a human (used to living on land all her life) to be able to breathe underwater and defy gravity. The "For a Moment" song didn't really touch the feeling it would have to give you. As I said before, I like the Melody character, and I wish something better could have been done with the overall story. And Eric didn't seem to be concerned with anything other than the time!
Sunset Girl
All very interesting thoughts. I'll have to check on that "ma" reference.

Fri, 22 Aug
This is getting interesting.
I used to worry a lot about what had happened to Ariel's mother when the movie first came out!
Call me crazy, but I could actually picture this idea in CGI. Disney wants to do remakes of their classics in CGI anyway, so why not tell a different story with one of them? As long as Ariel and the other characters are designed the same in 3-D. They shouldn't try to make them photo-realistic or anything too stylized. I'm picturing the pallette of the secret grotto sequences of the original and drooling at the possibilities of how that could applied elsewhere with the rendering of a mermaid's hair, eyes, and fins! Think of how they could catch the light of a character like that underwater, like what Pixar did with Little Nemo. This could be done very poorly, or this could be gorgeous!
Sunset Girl
Exactly what I've been trying to get across...
It would be GORGEOUS! ( If it were done right anyway ). It would really need a magnificent story to carry it though... doing the best we can, but I know it's a LONGSHOT at best that Disney would EVER pick up something that was conceived online.. LOL!!!
But we can still dream, right Walt did and it came true.

Fri, 22 Aug 2003
Ok, why is it only ursula who had the octopus tail? Maybe you could say that Ursula was pretty and slim the other time. Then when she was being banished, Triton how she looked, including her mermaid tail and became a half-octopus. So, she set up her own lair and and one day, while going out to do her stuff, she met morgana and morgana's mother. Ursula saw that they were of the same species she had seen so far, offered them to take her in. (btw, Morgana and her mother were on a trip) She of course explained everything and sweet talked Morgana's mother. Morgana's mother finally accepted her and Ursula offered them to stay in her lair during their trip. During those few days, Ursula always acted nice in front of Mother but not Morgana. And mother always praised Ursula. (That explains why morgana hates Ursula that much..) But during those says, Ursula told them about Triton and everything. Including that powerful trident of Triton's.. Morgana of course wanted the trident too... (can fit in some plans and arguings here) Soon, two weeks later, Moragan and her mother went back to their icy home where Morgana thought of her plan and got Undertow (You can say that Undertow appeared in LM1! the part where Ariel explores the sunken ship then meets him.) Of course, Morgana transformed Undertow and made a few changes first before sending him all the way there. And Undertow was the messenger to Morgana about what's happening in Atlantica.. Anyway, this is just some imgaination!
Hey B.J., thanks!! Nicely thought out I'm sure there'll have to be some expansion on the Morgana/Ursula story.

Fri, 22 Aug
Its great but I think the story should also show ursula's mother, the formation of Flotsam and Jetsam and how did Sebastian became Triton's adviser.
I think that instead of taking away Andromeda in a fisher mans net you could take it as this:
One day when Andromeda was walking in her favourite garden the pirates attacked on prince eric's ship (who was then a young boy). Andromeda tried to get away but a bomb landed before her. She could'nt bear this and fell unconscious. Ursula who at that time was walking by saw her but she rushed of ignoring her. When Triton came to know about this he ran over to her but it was too late because a sunken ship (the pirates one) struck her.
Ariel who at that time was playing at the surface met Eric but forced by the guards and was taken away. That's why Ariel became attatched to that place and went there often to collect things. Sebastion who had informed King Triton about his wife told him that Ursula ignored the Queen and went away. This made him very angry and he banished her.
After this, Sebastian was made King Triton's adviser. After this Ursula secretly trapped some merfolk to test her magic potions on them. With the magic she learnt from her mother she created flotsam and jetsam so that she could have an eye on tritons family.
Ursula's mother, who at that time was dying, took promise from her daughters that they will destroy Triton as he made their lives miserable. Morgana hated Ursula because their mother only taught her the magic spells.
As Ariel grew up she found that her father hates human so she made a new friend Flounder, so that he can help her in her misadventures.....
It will also be great to show the concert (where ariel is not present).
Thanks Pearl
You bring up an important point regarding Flotsam, Jetsam and Sebastian... and maybe even establish Ursula's/Morgana's Mother.
Would anyone like to create a few entries about that for the Atlantica outline?

Thu, 21 Aug 2003
The out line was great but was lacking one important thing..... ARIEL. If only we could work her into the story line some more... she is in fact why we all want this movie to happen. However I think everyone is working wonderfully together and creating quite the story. But do not forget the little mermaid herself. Maybe you could put a bit more about ariel and he mothers relationship. Well keep up the good work and never give up dreaming!
Thanks Krys,
oh, and you may not have noticed the * ( A few misadventures would fit in well here... ) part of the outline I completely agree that Ariel should be a definate part of the story.

Wed, 20 Aug 2003
What if Ursula had somehow tricked Andromeda and led her to be caught by the fisherman? That kills two birds with one stone: Ursula's banishment from the kingdom and Triton's hatred of all things human are then explained. I can picture Andromeda being fascinated with the dry world of above and wanting to make peace with the "fish eaters." Ursula, as a trusted member of the royal court, secretly offers her "help" to do so, both knowing that Triton would never understand.
Ursula takes advantage of the opportunity to get her out of the way. Perhaps she could cozy her way up to becoming queen for the grieving king before finding a way to dispose of him as well?
Besides the fact that Triton could never fall for the likes of Ursula, he learns the truth about her role in Andromeda's disappearance.
Ursula claims it was an accident and that she was only trying to help, but that doesn't keep her from being banished. Triton does everything he can to protect his daughters from Ursula and those dangerous barbaric fish-eaters from above. And for Ursula, it would be poetic justice if Ariel's love for humans would prove to be Triton's downfall!
Sunset Girl
I sure do like the idea of Ursula tricking Andromeda. Look for that one in the outline when I update it

Sun, 17 Aug 2003
A story about when Ariel come out of the water and Eric kissed her. Instead of going right to the wedding it can show Eric asking Ariel to marry him and going back to the castle together. Also their first night together with Ariel's voice back to tell Eric everything about her life and the wedding can be shown in it's full.
Basically the last 5 minutes of "The Little Mermaid" expanded, right? It's really too bad Disney didn't add more detail there. Sure was a lot of room for it and I wouldn't have minded watching for another 20-30 minutes

Sun, 17 Aug 2003
ok so how about this... since ursula has to have a beginning just like everyone else why not have her setup a trap for Andromeda to get caught by the fisherman because ursula thought that she would be queen but instead she was banished from the kingdom, you know somehow work around this.
Hi Missy, that is absolutely a GREAT idea!! It would sure add a little intrigue to the already dastardly character :)

Mon, 11 Aug 2003
Okay, to follow up on my last idea, i changed it a little bit..
Here it is:
So, King Triton and Andromeda had a son. The last child that was born. (Maybe King Triton was too sad to mention that he had a son, Aquata was also of course sad too. It was only they two in family who knew what had happened..). Anyways, back to the story.
We shall call the son Little Triton Junior (You know, just to make the show a little bit funnier, i guess). Now, how did he disappear again? Okay, he was 11 months old then. Andromeda brought him out to the market with her to buy food for Ariel's birthday party. Aqauta wanted to follow them but Andromeda wouldn't let her as she wanted Aquata to get ready and everything. Aquata, being stubborn that time, insisted to follow. So, she secretly followed them to the market, keeping a distance in between them. So, when they were heading back to the palace after finishing everything, Andromeda and little Triton Junior got surrounded by sharks.
So, why sharks and not caught by fisherman? Okay, remember in LM1, Grimsby said there were no such things as merpeople and it's just a nautical nonsense. Then, in LM3 if you mention that Andromeda and little Triton Junior were caught and they were merpeople, the news would have spread all over and everyone would have known that merpeople really DO exist and thus, Grimsby would NOT say that there is merpeople in the seas and is just a nautical nonsensein LM1...Get what I mean?
Anyways, back to the story. Andromeda, was panicky and so, dropped little Triton Junior from her arms. She of course shouted. One of the sharks then pushed the crying little Triton Junior away, away to their territories..As for Andromeda, she was knocked unconscious and fell onto the seabed. One of sharks, too, pushed her away.. Of course, for all this while, poor little and terrified Aquata was hiding behind some thick green seaweed. She was the only witness who saw this whole tragic event. Soon, she quickly swam back to the palace and told King Triton...King triton was of course, angry and he sent a search party, (You can resume the original one from here...and thanks once again..)
Okay BJ, you bring up an interesting point. However, consider this: we don't really know what became of Andromeda. It may be that the fisherman who caught her kept her a secret... or perhaps didn't want the attention of all who would come to see her and she may have been dead already when he took her out of the nets, and so he burried her.
Besides, Triton hates humans and everything human, so it just fits that a fisherman took her away and not a shark.
As for Triton Jr., well, I just don't know what to do with him in the story. If is in the story, what role? How does he translate into the future? Why was there no mention of him in any TV episode or either of the films?
Hey, thanks for your continued input.. very appreciated.

Thu, 7 Aug 2003
Hmm, maybe you could say that King Triton and Andromeda had a son. (Because all daughters and no sons may sound a little wierd.). The last child that was born. We shall call him Triton Junior(You know, just to make the show a little bit funnier, i guess). And how did he disappear? Well, he was 11 months old then. So, Andromeda brought little Triton Junior out to see the undersea world, but who knows, they were captured next. A fisherman's net snagged Andromeda and little Triton Junior and took them away. And there was only one witness to the whole tragic event, and it was the oldest child, Aquata...(You can resume the original one from here!) And thanks for reading this!
An interesting idea BJ, but unfortunately there would be little point of including a son when there's no mention of one in either of the two films. It might add confusion.
Now I could be wrong so some feedback would be good

Wed, 6 Aug 2003
This is funny I have been working on a story too, with some of the same elements. It will be interesting to see how close the two story line stay as they develope.
I will publish my story soon even though it still needs a lot of work. Anyway I will be watching to see how this story developes. This is a great idea and I can't wait to see how it works out.
Dan the OMoftheSea
Good to hear from you Dan!
This project sure is taking on a mind of it's own and who knows, it may be the only way we'll ever get a TLM3.
BTW, where are you going to publish your version? Can I get a copy

Sun, 3 Aug 2003
Wow... sure is a lot if interest out there.
I guess the way I saw it for a backstory would be that Atlantica was a kingdom, but ruled by the dark hand of Ursala, after she possibly took it over or something with her magical trident. People lived in fear, while she had her great feasts and everything; kinda like how Jafar ruled in Agrabah, if you can catch the reference.
Then, a young man named Triton, who had a sister or a friend, who's name is still unknown to us, came to Atlantica only to discover that this wasn't the happy city he thought it to be; and perhaps the imprisonment of a friend of his gives him the strength to change that. So, through clever trickery and maybe a few carefully placed human ships, possibly to distract Ursala or something, Triton is able to steal the trident away from Ursula and banish her from the kingdom. He also builds a pedestal with its power so that only he or one of his decendants can pull it free.
However, something unexpected happens, and because of a human object, say a ship sinks and causes his wife to be killed, or she is caught in a fishnet and is taken away; obviously an unfortunate accident, and his disgust of humans is revealled. Later, he meets someone who will soon be Ariel's mother; well, I guess I'm not sure where I'm going from there; call it an idea.
The main thing is that he gets the trident from Ursala; being that she's a sorceress could indicate how it was created, magically infused or something to that extent. Or, that it was Neptune's before Ursala stole it, and Triton later reclaimed it after Neptune was banished himself; or even killed. I'm not sure what could have happened exactly. Any thoughts on that?
Hello there and thanks for the ideas!
Now, you may not be aware of this yet but there's an outline already and it's available to tweek:
TLM3: Atlantica
(just in case you haven't seen it yet). It's a work in progress but it's fun!

Sat, 2 Aug 2003
Okay, I've pretty much figured out that this is meant to be a prequel. Actually, it could work. One question though: If Andromeda is Triton's Queen, who is Celina?
Thanks for writing Elizabeth.
Celina is leftover from my first draft when I didn't know Ariel's Mom's name :) and I just forgot to correct it... I'll have to fix that when I get home! LOL!!

Fri, 1 Aug 2003
Hey Mike!
Those are some great ideas from everyone... I'm liking it! But- in the original LM, Ursula says "...when I lived in the palace..." or something like that. So, Ursula should somehow be connected with living in the palace. Maybe she was a goddess too. I dunno... but like the general overview says, she did something dispicable- and Triton almost lost his life. Maybe she was the next in line for ruler if Triton died because she was the goddess that lived in the sea (and Triton was the God of the sea)... lol I'm just throwing out ideas. So anyway... Ursula tries to kill Triton (she plans to get rid of Neptune afterwards), Neptune saves Triton's life, Ursula is banished and looses her title of "goddess"... lol And then Triton meets his wife and stuff like it says. Don't feel like you have to use any of that at all! :-) Just ideas. Good luck!
P.S. I think that there should be as much Ariel as possible in TLM3. Oh! And make sure you record the names of all the people who came up with ideas so if you ever sell the script to Disney, we'll all be credited! ;-) lol

Hi Chris! Thanks for writing.
Just last night I included someone else's idea about Ursula and now she is connected to the Palace and the royal court. Exactly what she is and does is not really clear yet. Ideas?
You got the rest right too, Triton meets his wife to be after Ursula is banished.
Now if Ursula was planning to off King Neptune himself, then she really IS crazy!!! LOL!!
I'd love to see a lot of Ariel but it probably will be limited to a couple recent (mis)adventures and a shot now and then of her telling the tale to Melody.
BTW, there's no money to be made from this project by any of us but it can give us hope that there just might be a TLM3 one day :=)) As for credit, I am keeping track.

Thu, 31 Jul 2003
Ursula used to be in Ariel's mother's court. She was always getting herself into trouble. One day, she discovered black magic. Ursula didn't just want to be part of the court, but ruler, QUEEN! She tried to make Prince Triton fall in love with her, but Princess Giselle ( Ariel's mother ) stole his heart. So Ursula spread a rumor that Triton was making contact with humans! She almost got away with it ( having everyone think they needed a new ruler ) but Sebastian over heard Ursula bragging to her eels about it. So she was banished. She swore revenge on Triton, and was never seen again.
I kinda like that. I've included a good majority of it to the outline. Thanks Eric

Thu, 31 Jul 2003
I think that it would be a good idea to create The Little Mermaid 3 and I would pay to see it and I would love to buy it because I love the little mermaid ( I have an entire bookshelf full of Ariel things). Anyway, I love the idea.
Thanks for your vote Felicia!

Thu, 31 Jul 2003
Let the sister who witnessed it be Aquata, she's the oldest.
Okay, thanks Jamie.

Wed, 30 Jul 2003
Okay i just thought i would write down all the things that should be covered with a prequel:
1. Most importantly what happened with Ursula and the trident. did she own it previously or did she just steal it once.
2. How did Atlantica come about.
3. Who was Ariel's mother and what happened to her.
4. Why Ariel love humans so much.
5. Why does Triton hate humans(maybe his wife was taken by them or something).
6. How Ariel and Flounder met.
7. Maybe show how Ursula's mother liked her better then Morgana and what role their family plays with Triton.
(remember how at the end of tlm2 Triton says "you and your kind will never bother my family again" so maybe they could have had done something to Ariel's mom?)
8. A little background on prince eric. (it would be cute to see that eric and ariel met as kids, it would be like destiny).
9. Maybe how did the trident come about, who owned it first.
10. Of course background on all the characters.
Hey if we don't get a TLM3 at least we can still write our own stories!
Hello Gina,
and thanks for a very well thought out bunch of questions.
I believe I've answered most of them in the outline rough draft which is now online, especially #5 which you nailed on the head :=))
As for #6, there's a sequence in an episode of the Little Mermaid Television series which shows how Ariel and Flounder met and it's pretty cute. You'll find that on the VHS: "Ariel's Undersea Adventures" Volume 4. It's the "In Harmony" episode.
With #7, I think there's a lot of room to explore the Ursula and Morgana relationship. We'll have to add that to the outline when it's thought up. As you'll see, Ursula had endangered Triton early on, so perhaps there may have been some other conflict maybe involving the daughters. Ariel's Mom was caught by a fisherman's net ( according to the outline so far ).
On #8, a background on Prince Eric may not fit into this tale very well, but if you can come up with something, I'll be happy to include it!
Thanks again for your enthusiastic interest in the TLM3 project.

Wed, 30 Jul 2003
I think it would be very cool to produce TLM3. I think in this story ariel must tell about her past to Melody and Eric. Like a story about her mother, her sisters, her father and Ursula and what happened between them.
I really look forward to disney to produce TLM3.
Hello mehrnaz,
I would like to persnally thank you for a VERY GREAT idea!! Having Ariel tell the story is PERFECT and I wouldn't have thought of it myself :=)) I've completed the outline first draft and I think it has potential!
Let me know what you think and have a GREAT Ariel day!!

28 Jul 2003
I would love to see this happen but the truth is that people just do not take as much time in creating a prequel or sequel as they had done for the original. However if it was done correctly and used the original voices the idea of a third movie about little ariel would be great.
I would love to see what her mother was like and all her sisters. It would be nice to see how she met flounder. She should still be fasinated about earth and humans and be very curious. I think that she should maybe start her interest with the human world and start her collection very young. It would be cool if her mother had similar interests. Her mother could pass away when ariel is very young and then ariel would become the strong curious girl she is in the original. These are just some ideas to add to everyone elses.
I would not like the movie to be much like TLM 2. It sounded like a great idea but the movie was rushed and disappointing. To make another movie it has to be as well done as the original which would be one hard task. I think that this is a great idea though and I love how all these ariel fans join their imaginations toghether and try to create something new. Keep the good work up everyone!
I also confess to being a bit disappointed with TLM2. If there ever is another TLM film, I'm certain it would be a good one. If you haven't seen how Ariel met Flounder, check out the episode "In Harmony". You'll find it on "Ariel's Undersea Adventures Volume 4" VHS.
Thanks for your email Krystal

Mon, 28 Jul 2003
This all sounds like a great idea but it would never turn out the way we all wish. If the original voices are not all there than the movie just will not be the same. I do not know about everyone else but I was disopointed in TLM 2. I just think that the original movie was so perfect that nothing could live up to it. That is just my opinion but of course if another movie was to come out I would buy it and add it too my collection.
I'm wishing there will be another one in your collection

Mon, 21 Jul 2003
How about a story based on Ariel's past, as sugested by Agent X505, but done in 3D CGI.
Exactly! I think a third film would be the best if Pixar animated it. I'm all for that!
As for Ariel's past, I think it should cover how Atlantica came to be, how the royal family came to power and of course, it should take us all the way to the first film including perhaps one or two of Ariel's biggest misadventures

Fri, 18 Jul 2003
The first thing that I have to say is: HELLO AND THANK YOU. Now then, I really, really love the little mermaid. I'm 13 and I can still remember growing up watching the series. I live in the south of mississippi, and I dont have any neighbors for miles therefore I grew up watching the disney channel. I have honestly grown to love the little mermaid. She inspires all of us, I think, to try and reach that goal of the impossibles.
If you all would like to do this tlm3 thing than I am all the way with you. A prolouge would be awsome like what all of you have written. I basically have the same ideas as you all have except I would love to have all of the original voices back...but that's a problem considering some of the voice actors have quit. Not to mention the person that voiced Scuttel, the knowledgable pelican, has died recently.
I do agree with whom ever said the idea about urchin joining the cast. That would be absolutely awsome. I can still remember watching the old series from something like 1995? Oh well! It was all good. well that is all i have to write about and if you need help like as in needing signatures... I know quite a few people whom will help out so just e-mail me if needed.
I am sorry if I have made any spelling errors. Forgive me and good luck and bye.

Love Peace And Chicken Grease
Hi Mattrina and thanks for your support. I'm working on an outline which I'll be posting at the above "LET'S CREATE ONE !" link real soon so check back.

Mon, 14 Jul 2003
A prequel movie is a pretty interesting idea, and not out of realms of possibility. After all, they made a Beauty & the Beast Christmas story set *within* the events of the original movie. The question is of course whether the voice of fans is loud enough to be heard from the big studio dudes.
And then there's the question of whether they'll be able to make a worthy story. Disney isn't known for keeping accurate tabs on continuity, and basically that's the main reason I'd be uneasy if they ever actually get around to making a prequel movie.
You know, I'm not even sure what the point is I'm trying to make. Silly me.
The Little Mermaid fandom is lost and disorganised, so a quest to gather voices will take time and a lot of website pimping. If you ever get around to taking the helm of this massive project, be sure to let me now. I'd love to become your sidekick. ^_^
Annie D
Thanks Annie, and I do plan to "take the helm". Look for more in the next week on that right here on this page. Thanks for your thoughtful words.

Mon, 7 Jul 2003
I think the idea for the film about ariel before is an excellent idea! I have to say that i didn't really like the little mermaid 2, in fact I thought it pretty much sucked, but the first film was the best! I know all the words to nearly the whole film, and all the songs.
My favourite person in the film is Ursula. If I ever needed a favour, I'd go to her, I think she's funny, and sly! Then again, Sebastien is the best jamacan crab I've seen in a long time. Well I shall say once more, please do the movie! Bye bye!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Reannon.

Sun, 29 Jun 2003
I think a prologue would be so cool! But if Disney decides to do one, Jodi Benson, Sam Wright, and all the original voices must come back!
I would like to see Ariel as a little girl, find out about her mother, learn on what happened with Ursula and the trident, and a little something on Prince Eric when he was a little boy. I would also like to see them bring in Morgana with Ursula. See the two sisters together. Also it would be cool to see them bring in Urchin from the TV series, the merboy Ariel befriends in the series.
I really hope Disney does a prolouge to TLM! I'll cross my fingers on it!
Sounds like yet another vote for more TLM

Sat, 28 Jun 2003
Yeah a LM3 sounds good and everything I hope Disney considers that, but if that doesn't work I say make a new Disney Little Mermaid t.v. series..that would be cool!
GREAT idea Chris!

Fri, 27 Jun 2003
Hi, I've been working on a story about this for some time now. It's called, 'The lost Pearl". It's a story about Triton and his Queen, and explains a lot of the before the movie stuff. I just don't have a website or anyplace to post it. If you have any ideas on how I can get it out there that would be great. It's quite long (50 pages word processed.)
Hello Melissa, and thanks for writing.
I'd love to read your story, and if you'd like to get it online to share with others perhaps I could help.
If you want, you could send a little at a time through email. Just copy and paste from your word doc. Then with your permission, I could set aside a page at LittleAriel.com for it and as you complete more, just send it along and I'll add it on :)

Thu, 26 Jun 2003
I would love to see a TLM3. I LOVE Jodi Benson. I'd like to see a TLM3 only if it's done correctly (meaning no cruddy story or anamation)
I agree, the annimation should be second to none.

Thu, 26 Jun 2003
I think this is such an awesome idea!!!! As Little Mermaid Fans we should do whatever we can to make this happen. It would be real cool to see exactly how and where Ariel came to be.
I think there are MANY of us who would love to know the backstory. So let's create it

Thu, 26 Jun 2003
"Mermaid 3"? I do not wish to be a bucket of cold water on this warm and fuzzy dream, but it's a longshot at best, owing more to Disney than anything else.
First of all, Disney does NOT accept non-solicited scripts. You have to either have an agent front it for you or you have done work for them in the past. They are concerned with lawsuits and don't wish to waste time and money in a courtroom.
Another problem is Ron Clements and John Musker. Admittedly, they were pulled from LM2 and completely replaced, because their approach is that only they will write the script. They write it, develop it and conceive it. Check out the credits for "Hercules" and "Tresure Planet". They have the huge banner for the writing credit.
Not to put too fine a curve on this, but I have written a Mermaid script that takes place between Ariel's wedding and Melody's christening (this is how I am rather initimate on the scripting details for Disney). Since Disney does not perceive a need for another Ariel film (big screen or direct-to-video), it is a very tough sell indeed.
If you decide to mount some kind of campaign, you'll have my support, but, being the cynical piece of work that I am, I'm not getting my hope up.
Okay, worst case scenario: We write our own story, have Hans put his name on it and watch as Disney comes clamboring for the rights
But seriously, it doesn't hurt to try.. and it can be fun along the way. Very soon, at the top of this page will be a link to an outline based on everyones ideas and then we can adjust it and play around with it till we get it right. Then we could all electronically agree not to profit from the story or parts of it and then, find someone who could take it from there. Someone who knows the Disney ropes, such as perhaps yourself, and then anything is possible. Sure it's a longshot, the odds are long, but as they say in Lotto, considerably longer if you don't play

Tue, 24 Jun 2003
hi, sorry I didn't reply to this sooner, but I just found this website! I would totally love and support Disney to come out with a prologue to TLM. It would answer all the unknowns in the movie like why was Ursula banished, how did Ariel's mother die, or why is she not in Ariel's life, and maybe show Eric as a baby.
Anyways i just wanted to let you know that I'm interested in a possible tlm3 and would be glad to show my support!
Thanks Gina, and who knows, maybe we can pull it off

Mon, 23 Jun 2003
I was thinking about how we all have these different theories on what happens either after, before, or between the two TLM movies. We all have some great ideas and I'm sure there are some out there that we haven't evn touched base on yet.
Also, we have the small dilemma of trying to get more people to the chats on Sundays. Well, this is my proposal: Why don't we have a chat in which the topic is TLM 3 scenarios? That could span any time period of before the wedding, after the wedding, before Melody, whatever. I think that way, we could meet new people, get new ideas, and get some life circulating again. But, that's just my suggestion. Any thoughts?
That was Paige from the Arielholics List referring to the #Ariel's Sunday Afternoon Chats. GREAT idea!

Mon, 23 Jun 2003
Hm, maybe someone should write a story around all this. I recommend reading books around mythology first. Poseidon plays a role for sure, see Calliope Dreams. Maybe we could pick out some long lost sea-goddess as Ariel's mother.
.. and a response from Shad Z:
Mon, 23 Jun 2003
Of course, there's no reason to assume Triton's father Poseidon was the Greek god... they could have just shared a name...
Shad Z.
So far it seems we've established that Poseidon is in fact Triton's Father and that Ursula was the original owner of the trident.
Since I'm not sure of either of these, maybe someone could
Shed More Light ?

Sun, 22 Jun 2003
Perhaps the backstory to Ariel's birth could reveal an undersea battle and the time of Titron's reign. Perhaps Ursula in her attempts to destroy triton could seize on human support, the battle could reveal Tritons distaste for humans.
It should also involve MORE characters of the crustation variety and sea legends/mythological creatures.
Ariel needs to be around, her human curiosity could be established by a fondness to a human boy/girl, young and simular in age.
Good ideas!

Sat, 21 Jun 2003
If anyone wants to write about how Atlantica came across and all the other little niggling things we're all desperate 2 know about then I will definatly be up 4 some imagining!
I've got a few ideas of my own actually,
maybe Ursula hates Triton because originally Ursula created Atlantica as a kingdom of her own, an evil one, and Triton took it from her to make it good Maybe the trident was Ursula's in the first place
Maybe there is a past side of Triton that is not portrayed in TLM, he might have used to be bad and he turned good and that's why Ursula resents him
Or MAYBE we can all go totally bonkers and imagine that Ursula was really Ariels mum (Well that could explain quite a bit)
Well anyway, who knows.
Anyone else got any ideas?
Anna x
Thanks Anna, with ideas like this we'll come up with story in no time!

Fri, 20 Jun 2003
Sounds cool but I've always favored the idea of a story shortly after the end of the original. It could show how Ariel adjusts to being human, flesh out Eric a little, and setting up Morgana's role by introducing her (hopefully as a lowly assistant, that witch is scaring no one).
I'd also like to get inside Ariel and Triton's heads a little more. I want to know: what happened to Ariel's Mom, why Triton hates humans and what does Ariel think of Ursula and the '3 days'?
Ariel's behavior in TLM 2 suggest a lot of fear of Ursula and her family. Eric is pretty much there as Hero-guy, he has personality, but not enough. I definitely want back story on him. Not to mention Triton, the Trident, and Ursula. How is it so powerful? What's Ursula's connection? Why is it connected to the Royal family? Food for thought.
There's lots of possibilities, but if Disney's gonna do a lackluster job, I'd rather It didn't get made at all.
Good points. I think if Disney DID make a TLM3, they'd use Pixar.. I'm hoping

Fri, 20 Jun 2003
Great idea Mike, there can never be too much fan fiction, even if some story lines conflict.
I have been working on two stories myself. One deals with the line "When I lived in the palace...." It covers the time between Triton becoming King and Ariel's mother . . . well I have not worked that out yet! But it will involve Tritons dislike for humans. Most other fan fiction on this subject tie the two together and see no reason to not do the same. As for fan fiction before the movie, Doug Webb did a lot of work in that area and in-between the sense of the movie and after the wedding too. David Copland also covered after the movie too. If some of the new-bees have not read these fine stories I have them on my page at http://www.geocities.com/wb6mvp/Disney.htm
The second story I have been working on explains the Trident, but this is just starting.
Don't let my work stop anyone from doing a story along the same line. The more ideas the better.
If anyone has a story and would like to have it on my page please contact me directly, I would love to add to my collection.
Dan the OMoftheSea
Thanks Dan

Thu, 19 Jun 2003
I think this is a great idea...I know many other people who love TLM...send me some info and i'll get their signatures or whatever you need...again, this is a GREAT idea...
Thanks for offering your help Matt.

Thu, 5 Jun 2003
I think its a really nice idea to do it! I love the little mermaid and it would be nice to see her back on the big screen! So I think its a good idea!
Vicky :)
I sure hope Disney thinks it's a great idea too

Sat, 31 May
Yes, I think that is a great idea, I loooove Ariel, and that's my name.:-) I am 14 and I love Ariel, but I have always wanted to know what happened to her mom. So, I think this would be a great experience to get to know why Ariel is the way that she is, and get the fans into her more.
If Disney decides not to do this, then we can at least demand a TLM4 when her daughter Melody is older and Ariel is wanting to become a mermaid permantely again, and so the whole family turns into a mermaid one. Eric, Melody, and Ariel could be mermaids, or something.
I just really really really want to see Ariel for one last time!!!!
Hello Ariel and thanks for taking the time to write. I'd really like to see Ariel again but not just one last time :)
If there isn't much demand for a "back story" such as how did it all begin, I think I'll take it upon myself to dream up the story and then I'll put it on the site.
All for now.
Have a GREAT Ariel day!!

Here's the one that kinda started it all ( from Agent X505 ):
Thu, 24 Apr 2003
Been trying to ponder something lately...
I'm not sure if you have an idea of this or not, but have you got an idea about the backstory to the movie? I know that Ursala once was the owner of the tridant that Triton uses, and that she was beaten out by Triton as a young man; but beyond that I'm not sure. Any thoughts?

Agent X505

And then came this one ( from Air Bear ):
Tue, 27 May 2003
It's not possible to come out with TLM3 but it IS possible to covince Disney to create a little mermaid prolouge. Like a movie that takes place when Ariel is little and her mother was around to keep things sharp. Pure, sweet, and a great storyline (if anyone could think of one).
Can you see? This can all be accomplished, by tons of fans, an artist, and someone who knows how to contact disney. It may be the one key to see Ariel in a movie one last time. What I wanted you to do was to try and gather as many fans as possible for this project. They might think I'm crazy, but it's crazy enough to possibly work, if it doesn't, we can still demand a good copy of one of the little mermaid episodes. So please....help me on this, as I said...It' might be crazy enough to work...
Air Bear =)

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and have a GREAT Ariel day!!