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Little Mermaid News and Events

This entry added:  27 / January / 2002   4:00 PM Pacific Time.
GALLERY PAGE IS DONE!!!  Yes it's true! I finally finished the Gallery on my site... Done at last. Naturally I'll continue updating by adding more and more pics. You can check out the progress any time by clicking on the "Site News" link. (Look to your left). Anyway, I consider this news worthy so thought it was worth including here

This entry added:  13 / January / 2002   9:00 PM Pacific Time.
New Ariel Doll available at the Disney Store:  Summer Sun Ariel and you can check her out!
Update on El Capitan Mermaid presentation dates:  Previous dates announced for the "Sing-a-long" are incorrect. Actual dates for the event are 31 January through 14 February 2002.

This entry added:  14 / November / 2001   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
Dine in Seaside Dining style at the Avalon Cove!  It's reopening at Disney's California Adventure on November 21st with all your favorite Disney characters including, of course Ariel

This entry added:  14 / November / 2001   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
Jodi Benson is singing!  You can see her perform on December 9th (8:00 PM) at the Civic Center in Des Moines Iowa.

This entry added:  14 / November / 2001   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
The Little Mermaid Lagoon:  Here's a great page that gives us a Quick Thumbnail Preview of the new Disney Sea Mermaid attraction in Tokyo Japan.

This entry added:  22 / October / 2001   9:00 PM Pacific Time.
Voyage of the Little Mermaid:  Here are some reviews of the "Voyage of the Little Mermaid" show at the Disney-MGM Studios courtesy of LaughingPlace.com.

This entry added:  29 / September / 2001   10:30 PM Pacific Time.
Three new Disney Dolls on the horizon  and just in time for Christmas! The first Doll is Sparkling Ariel. The second is "Seaside Ariel". Both of those are available at your local retailer. The third is Ariel from the "My Favorite Fairy Tale" series which is a new release available only at the Disney Store. All three should be on sale now or will be soon.

This entry added:  7 / September / 2001   11:00 PM Pacific Time.
Another Photo tour of Disney Sea  Here's another really nice Photo Page of the Mermaid Lagoon at Disney Sea, courtesy of TokyoResort.com

This entry added:  28 / August / 2001   5:00 PM Pacific Time.
The Little Mermaid Lagoon  at Disney Sea now has a wonderful Photo Tour available. Special thanks to MousePlanet.com for providing the link. You can also check out the Complete Tour of Disney Sea, the recently completed Theme Park in Tokyo Japan.

This entry added:  24 / August / 2001   4:00 PM Pacific Time.
A potential TLM III Screenplay/Script  has been written and submitted in a contest by Patric Conrad. He has graciously provided a link to the Completed Draft. This is a very vivid and well written piece so have a look!

This entry added:  23 / August / 2001   9:00 PM Pacific Time.
The Little Mermaid Sing-a-long presentation  is scheduled for 17 January through 3 February 2002 at The El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. Tickets are on sale now! Check it out.

This entry added:  18 / August / 2001   4:00 PM Pacific Time.
Arielcon is coming! 25-27 January 2002  This just in from Anita of Arielholics Annoymous. What is Arielcon? It's an annual gathering of a bunch of us on the internet to meet and have a good time. Arielcon is held at Disney World in Orlando Fla. There is a small registration fee for joining (around $20) which of course does not include Transportation, Airfare, Accomodation/Lodging or Meals, but you will receive an Arielcon T-shirt, official button, an Ariel goodie bag and nametag. The group is growing and the more the merrier Contact Anita: ( afj1@worldnet.att.net ) for more information.
Here's what happened This Year in an Itinerary, and you can view photos of the event on a Terry Richards Web Page. A video of Areilcon 2001 is also available for cost, just contact Peter Fay: (
PFay08@aol.com ) for more information.

This entry added:  11 / August / 2001   10:00 AM Pacific Time.
Disney Sea in Tokyo Japan is set to open on September 4th. You can see the Progress on it. Also available is a Site Map but it's very large and may take a while to completely download. The map includes a Little Mermaid feature known as the Mermaid Lagoon Complex.

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