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This entry added:  15 / September / 2004   4:00 PM Pacific Time.
Some really nice Ariel/TLM pins  have come out from Disney Auctions lately and are worthy of note. You can click the below pics and they will take you to the auction. But you better hurry because these limited editions are going fast.

This entry added:  29 / July / 2004   6:00 PM Pacific Time.
Browsing ebay, I found this: 
I think it's new too. Can you say WOW ???

This entry added:  29 / July / 2004   11:00 AM Pacific Time.
Two new Ariel items are available,  though I'm not sure exactly where they can be purchased at. The first one is Skating Ariel, here's a pic:

The next one is a new Ariel bank which looks really cool, you can click the pic and visit the site:

This entry added:  8 / July / 2004   8:00 AM Pacific Time.
Yet another Ariel doll:  This one is supposedly an exclusive to ToysRus, but I found her at Blockbuster. I think she's very well crafted and designed, and you really can't beat the price. The pics below are clickable for a larger view:

This entry added:  14 / June / 2004   8:00 PM Pacific Time.
A new Madame Alexander Doll  featuring Ariel. Click on the picture below for more:

This entry added:  9 / June / 2004   10:00 AM Pacific Time.
Mattel did it again.  Looks like a new skating princess collection starring Cinderella and Belle (what else is new) but of course, the favorite, Ariel! Here's a quick peek:

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